Find your creative spirit on the shelves 

Giving space to life is one of the slogans that has always set IKEA apart. The Swedish furniture giant does this not only by designing innovative solutions for every setting, but also by choosing living materials like wood, which changes over time, ages and fills every home with its warmth.

If wood is accompanied by cooler materials like steel, the combination creates a dynamic, functional mood. It is precisely this functional approach that IKEA and Rolf Hay had in mind when they decided to form a partnership for the creation of a new collection. To create something unique that would be warm, efficient and beautiful precisely in everyday use. Rolf Hay, founder of the Danish design firm of the same name, together with his wife Mette, wanted to create articles for IKEA that would defy time, marked by impeccable style.

The result is Ypperlig, a collection that includes monoblock chairs, very slim LED lamps, sofas in Nordic style that are also perfect for sleeping, large and small tables, benches and mirrors. Each item has been studied to be simple but aesthetically appealing. The same is true of the shelves created by Hay, in birch and powder-coated steel. Every shelf in a home is unique, because every person can fill it up with his or her essence, personality, hobbies, memories. Books, photographs, boxes, beloved objects. The shelf takes on life from the objects its hosts, so it has to have a minimal design: the protagonists are the little things of life.

The Ypperlig collection offers three shelving units, two of which are large and spacious: a three-shelf version with a height of 90 cm, and a five-shelf unit, 166 cm high. One of the favorites of the collection is the wall shelf structured like a painting by Mondrian, offering spaces of different sizes: a bridge between art and design. The thickness is so limited that it really seems like a painting. The idea that makes the difference? The four tie-rods that cut horizontally across the shelf, to keep the objects from falling. An intelligent, contemporary solution.

Precisely in the spirit of the collection, as Mette Hay explains: “We didn’t want to limit ourselves to a marketing operation; we wanted to create something that would really be useful, made well, and with style. A quality product, made by IKEA with the recognizable Hay touch.”

Discover the whole Ypperlig collection: more style for your spaces.