Ypperlig: function and minimal, the chairs that play with style

Sharing between companies of experiences and visions is the secret for success in the economy of the future: the “we economy” continues to stimulate partnerships that bring decisive thrust and added value, not only in the digital field. Also in the field of design and furniture alliances mean force, and competitors are becoming “cooperators.” This is happening in northern Europe, where the multinational IKEA has joined forces with a Danish design company, Hay helmed by Mette and Rolf Hay, to create a new collection of dynamic, functional and simple furnishings, perfect for modern spaces, but also perfectly comfortable.

The result of this collaboration is Ypperlig, a collection that includes chairs, tables and softs, complements like mirrors and other objects, created by Mette Hay. The product that emerges as the symbol of the collection, according to the designer Rolf Hay, is the new monoblock chair with armrests, in plastic. Clean, slim, unique lines for a comfortable, light and versatile chair. Perfect for the dining area, especially when it is combined with wooden pieces to create a warm but contemporary setting, the chair is stackable to save space. Thanks to its material and design, the Ypperlig chair is an ideal product for outdoor use as well, even in public spaces. An added value for an original idea.

One of the particular features is the manufacturing process and its timing. Just 30 seconds or so to inject the hot plastic into a mold, and the chair is ready. After removal of leftover bits of the material, in just a few minutes the item can already be used.

This was also a surprise for the Hays, who worked at length in the IKEA production facility, learning a great deal. It is during the production phase that many important decisions are made, with an impact on the design: “We worked a lot, but without conflict, because both Hay and IKEA always start with the production process. It is true, we are designers, but we are also very interested in the way products are made. For designers who want to collaborate with IKEA, I can say it is important to know about industrial production. Because many decisions are made in the factory, so that is where you ought to be.”

The Ypperlig chair has been such a success that it has opened up the possibility of a second, lower and softer version. A useful article to bring harmony and consistency to all the spaces of the home.

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