AgustaWestland completed 2012 with revenues of 4.243 billion euros, and a cumulative order portfolio of almost 12 billion euros, as well as orders acquired during the year of over 4 billion. AgustaWestland has strategic collaborations with other important players in the sector like the European Airbus and Stork Fokker companies for the NH90 program, and the Chinese firm AVIC II through the joint venture Jangxy Change Agusta Helicopter. Industrial collaborations have been launched with Kawasaki Heavy Industries, for the production of the AW101 in Japan, the South African group Denel and the US-based Boeing for the production under license of the Apache AH Mk.1 for the UK, the integration and final assembly of the CH-47F for the Italian Army. AgustaWestland also works with the Turkish company TAI n the program for the T129 combat helicopter. This network of alliances has contributed to widen the range of products and increase market penetration and commercial opportunities. AgustaWestland has the most complete range of products for commercial uses and defense. The helicopters in production cover all the main categories of weight, from the single-engine 1.8 ton model to the three-engine 16 ton unit, all using avantgarde technological solutions. AgustaWestland, with the models AW139, AW169 and AW189, is also the only helicopter manufacturer today to have a family of helicopters of the new generation that share the same design philosophy, operating capacities, parts, approach to maintenance and training, leading to significant advantages in terms of operative efficacy and reduction of organizational costs. Always on the technological front line, AgustaWestland invests 10-12% of total income in R&D. The company also plays a fundamental role in the European Clean Sky program aimed at development of advanced technological solutions for the reduction of noise emissions, favoring the use of more efficient, ecological propulsion systems. AgustaWestland is involved in the study of tiltrotor and tiltwing technologies capable of combining the performance advantages of fixed wings with the typical virtues of the rotating wing on the level of operative flexibility. AgustaWestland takes particular care to guarantee clients effective logistical and maintenance support in order to increase operative capacities and management costs. Assistance for commercial clients is provided by a worldwide network of Service Centers connected to parts warehouses located in Europe, the United States, the Middle East and the Far East. The training solutions, which also include specific courses for maintenance and advanced flight simulators, are provided through four Training Academies in Italy, UK, USA and Malaysia. Training services are also expanding in other regional areas of the globe.