SPEECH TCHOBAN & KUZNETSOV was founded in 2006 as a result of long term collaboration of the Berlin office nps Tchoban Voss and the Moscow office Tchoban and Partners, both directed by Sergei Tchoban, with the bureau S.P.Project, headed by Sergey Kuznetsov. Speech Tchoban & Kuznetsov represents the basis for expanded activities in Russia and Eastern Europe

Concept The installation is composed of two long undulated parts that flow into each other and, when seen from the central axis of the courtyard, seem to join to form a large arch; actually, the two parts are imperceptibly separated along the borderline between the green surface of the courtyard and the paved zone. The arch is clad in mosaic tile, like a golden river that carries multicolored crystals in its current. The gold represents splendor: it is the expression of natural brightness, radiance, and it has very positive symbolic meanings in all cultures. The gold leaf decoration is a reminder of icons, the iconostasis, Russian orthodox churches. The mosaic is an artistic technique whose very name evokes the concept of “creation of a harmonious whole” through the juxtaposition of individual tiles that compose the whole. Arch-Skin, as the sponsor of the installation, pursues its corporate mission of encouraging exchanges and contacts between the realities of architecture, art and design. Project The two long undulating elements of Golden River are iron structures, 7 meters each, by 3.5 meters maximum height, designed and dimensioned in keeping with engineering calculations; the structures are subdivided into segments of about 4 m, connected by malefemale joints and made to contain an internal lighting system on two lines. The two iron structures are painted and covered in fiberglass composite. The composite covering is designed to be subdivided with overlaid sealing joints that can be removed, allowing access to the blockage dowels and the electrical system. This is the base on which to apply the mosaic surface: mosaic belongs to the historical memory of Ravenna, the place of birth of the mosaic artist Marco Bravura, who has inserted “cotissi” in the decoration, blocks of glass left over in the crucibles of the Venetian glassworks, like precious stones that glow when crossed by light.