The ‘right’ light

The Paris Courthouse, with architectural design by Renzo Piano and technical lighting by the studio Cosil Peutz, implemented with iGuzzini solutions

iDD Magazine

The first digital magazine in Italy for urban screens

Room Mate Bruno

Located in a spice warehouse from the 15th century at the port of Rotterdam, the hotel designed by Teresa Sapey narrates fascinating stories of trade routes and voyages

New Caffè Paradiso

Lavazza revises the image of the historic Caffè Paradiso in the Gardens of the Venice Biennale


The work by Fabio Novembre for Venini is a tribute to the art avant-gardes of the early 1900s and the metaphysical poetics of Giorgio de Chirico

Immaculate and perforated

Dynamic architecture made with Corian Exteriors in Paris

Clouds of music and light

An original project by Jean Nouvel for the Philharmonie de Paris

Spending time in the Dolomites

Faloria Mountain Spa Resort in Cortina gets an update, balancing local tradition and contemporary comfort

Digital nursery

iGuzzini lights “Station F” in Paris, the largest startup campus in the world