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Reflecting growth in its name and its presence, the new BMW Series 6 Gran Turismo combines the style of a coupe with an innovative motoring concept. The proportions are athletic and slim, and the elegant design is particularly effective in the lateral profile that enhances the long hood, the cockpit set back towards the rear and the long wheelbase. The line of the roof is interrupted on the characteristic back, underlining the dynamism of the car.

The light groupings have a sculptural look, thanks to the frames of the headlights that extend as far as the central assembly and the three-dimensional volume of the tail lights. The low silhouette of the car contributes – together with the aerodynamic design and the lightened chassis in very strong aluminium and steel – to generate sportier driving performance and a significant reduction of fuel consumption, up to 15 percent.

The design of the interiors reconciles the ample spaces of the cockpit with the solution of a dashboard oriented towards the driver, in a slightly raised position to improve control and guarantee an exceptional driving experience. The sensation on board is of being in a modern setting, of overall quality, reflected in the lines, the fine materials and workmanship.

The back zone offers three comfortable seats with lots of leg and head room, in spite of the fact that the roof line is lower than that of the previous model. Improved soundproofing is matched by the perfection of the electrically adjustable seats, making it possible to recline the back with a button, completing the sense of comfort for the passengers.

The trunk is now larger, with a border on the same level as the luggage deck; the space can be increased by lowering the back of the rear seat with an electric control.

The navigation, communication and infotainment functions are handled by the iDrive systems with a Touch Controller inserted in the central console, and by the Control Display, now mounted as an island and also ready for use as a touchscreen: the control menu organized as a grid with animated graphics is easy and quick to use.

It is also possible to use Voice and Gesture controls, with a Head-Up Display of the new generation projected on the windshield, on a surface that has grown by 70 percent.

Safety gear includes presence sensors to activate braking, and a perfected version of the Active cruise control with stop&go function, to use at speeds between 0 and 210 km/h.

The assisted driving packet gets its bearings from horizontal signage and other vehicles up ahead, keeping the car in the lane in what amounts to another step forward towards automatic driving in conditions of monotony or poor visibility. Together with danger alerts and steering correction systems, these devices help drivers to avoid dangerous situations and lateral collisions.

Like a true virtual assistant, the BMW Connected system helps the motorist behind the wheel, but also outside the car: it can be synchronized with a smartphone to make use of stored appointments and to plan a route based on real-time traffic info. The system also handles calendars, emails and direct on-board contacts through Microsoft Exchange with Bluetooth, while keeping phones and devices charged by induction.

Finally, the Real-Time Traffic and On-Street Parking Information systems visualize slow traffic or blocked traffic, and indicate possible parking places along the way, with a 3D View function that sends images of the car and the surroundings to the smartphone. The well-planned combination of functional solution, with elegant premium design, together with excellent driving dynamics, make the 6 Series Gran Turismo a unique model of indubitable quality

Article Michelangelo Giombini

A craftsman shapes the forms of the new BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo with clay, in actual size. The artists, together with the designers, grant form to a model that requires up to two tons of material and several days of workmanship.
BMW 6er Gran Tourismo, 640i xDrive, Mineralweiß, M Sportpaket
The rear seat with electric reclining back for a relaxed position.
Muscular forms for the new Gran Turismo, featuring a longer silhouette that slopes slightly towards the rear, emphasizing the car’s dynamism.
Muscular forms for the new Gran Turismo, featuring a longer silhouette that slopes slightly towards the rear, emphasizing the car’s dynamism.
The motors of the new generation are equipped with the very modern TwinPower turbo technology and combined, as standard equipment, with the Steptronic 8-speed transmission.
Muscular forms for the new Gran Turismo, featuring a longer silhouette that slopes slightly towards the rear, emphasizing the car’s dynamism.
The trunk has reached a remarkable volume of 610 liters, which can expand to 1800 liters by lowering the seat back.
Details of the light groups that combine LED spots with variable segmentation of the beam and an anti-glare system.
Detail of the light groups.
Detail of the light groups.
The Ambient Light function offers a choice of 11 different lighting scenarios in the cockpit, to adapt to any type of travel.
At the center of the dashboard, the high-definition touchscreen control display measures 10.25 inches.
Moments in the making of the clay model, for a three-dimensional mock-up of the lines traced by the designers, first on paper and then on computer screens.
Moments in the making of the clay model.
The lines traced by the designers, first on paper...
...and then on computer screens.