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One of the images to present AQUAE VENEZIA 2015, the major exposition on water, the only official collateral event of Expo in Milan, on the theme of food and nutrition, and open (like Expo) until 31 October 2015. For the occasion the new AQUAE pavilion has been built, a satellite on the theme of Water of Expo Milano 2015: the physical appendix of Expo at the Venetian Lagoon, to explore the relationship between man and water. At the end of the Expo, Aquae will be the fulcrum of a new fair facility, designed by a team of avant-garde talents: the architects Michele De Lucchi, Andreas Kipar, Gianni Caprioglio and Paolo

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Bath or, more precisely, bathroom. What was known as a “toilet facility” throughout the 20th century has become one of the focal parts of residential design in the new millennium. The domestic bath. The place of privacy par excellence, care of the body, relaxation, wellness. Which is [...]