Original design horizons



“Behind the project lies the idea of creating a kitchen that is truly the fulcrum of the home and can develop inside the house. Beyond kitchen cabinets per se, it was interesting to give an aesthetic continuity to the home, a look that can be found in the living area, the dining room and – why not? – in all the other domestic spaces”

Foodshelf reinterprets the design of the contemporary kitchen. The designer – in his first approach to the field of kitchen components – has rethought, through his personal touch, the world of values of Scavolini (www.scavolini.com) in a variegated and versatile project.

Easy to personalize, Foodshelf gets its inspiration for a new take on the relationship between the kitchen and the living area. Its specificity lies in reinterpretation of functional factors in living space, which in Ora-ïto’s concept are transferred and extended to the kitchen as well. The living area “enters” the kitchen with its compositional schemes, the relationship between fullness and space, with a dynamic approach.

This happens through the breaking up of the doors, above all on hanging cabinets – the system is conceived mainly for “low” hanging units, of 18 and 36 cm – but the bases are also involved in the revision of sizing. The new open compartments are also innovative, available in different colors, to be freely combined with divider elements with T, U and L forms.

“Breaking down” these elements means abandoning the traditional vertical approach to the kitchen. Foodshelf thus gives rise to a new horizontal linear arrangement paced by a series of wood-effect shelves that cross the length of the kitchen, taking on different functions along the way: besides the worktop, the band positioned below the bases and those inserted on the hanging cabinets function as shelves and/or open compartments.

A perfect combination of evolved functional quality and minimal but warm aesthetics, thanks to the use of wood, this original architecture is ideal for contemporary interiors, where the kitchen and living area lose their individual identities, become a continuous and multifunctional environment.

The Foodshelf program includes a wide selection of furnishing proposals for the living area with solutions integrated with the kitchen or independent from it, thanks to the Fluida partition system or by combining individual storage components.

The doors selected for the new collection are in decorative matte – in a range of 4 colors – and lacquer (both matte and glossy) with many colors, ideal for combinations with the wood of the horizontal bands. The same finishes and colors are also available for the storage units and open compartments.

Opening is done by means of a specially designed handle or a groove in the same finish as the door, with an upper part inclined by 45° to facilitate grip.

Foodshelf also includes a fine selection of original offerings, like the new open wardrobes, the Switch cabinets with vanishing doors, and the Network support for worktops.

Once again, the constant research of Scavolini finds a way to get beyond the traditional boundaries of kitchen furnishings, exploring new areas of intervention, with the goal of perfecting and coordinating a truly complete, competitive range of offerings.

This new program, with a cosmopolitan spirit, reflects the strategic vision of Scavolini, which in an ever-growing process of internationalization has decided in recent years to work with well-known names on the world design scene – besides Ora-ïto, Nendo, Diesel Social Team, Michael Young, Karim Rashid, King&Miranda Design and Giugiaro Design – generating innovative projects Made in Italy, surprising due to their exclusive aesthetic, functional and technological impact.