The design revolution in the kitchen

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The kitchen and the living area are increasingly connected, in a seamless arrangement of continuity, creating a highly personalized environment that responds to individual habitat needs.

This is the design revolution with which Modulnova confirms its prowess in pursuit of solutions that are more innovative than ever in terms of aesthetics and functional quality.

Once again, Blade – designed by Andrea Bassanello – becomes the territory of experimentation: the program with which the Friuli-based company applies to the kitchen an architectural concept already deployed for the living area.

The refined, contemporary design and the absolute versatility in the choice of materials (aluminium, glass, wood and resin) and finishes make Blade the ideal system to interpret a new aesthetic conception of the kitchen.

The large floor-to-ceiling doors without baseboards and handles proposed for the living zone reappear in the kitchen, creating an effect of extreme elegance. The “traditional” volumes – determined by spaces for storage, or columns – vanish in favor of stylistic continuity of exceptional harmony.

This is the new aesthetic and design language of Modulnova: the cabinets become an integral part of the basic architectural project and are perfectly inserted in the space without “compromising” its volumes. All this, of course, without sacrificing functional quality, which remains a fundamental prerogative of every Modulnova project.

An important expansion of the range of finishes, with the introduction of a series of new metallic materials, including aged brass and a very ‘underground’ sheet-metal effect, completes the Blade proposal aimed at a refined consumer who appreciates the unique, unmistakable style of Modulnova.