The first two new spaces of 10 Corso Como, designed by 2050+, are a Gallery and a Project Room, where fashion, photography, art and design intertwine

The first two renovated spaces of 10 corso como opened on the occasion of Milan Fashion Week, part of an architectural transformation project, started last November and signed by the interdisciplinary agency 2050+.

The opening of the Gallery and the Project Room inaugurate the cultural program of 10 corso como with a reflection on the links between fashion and photography, art and design.

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The Gallery and Project Room of 10 Corso Como

In its new guise, the Gallery returns to the original ring structure with double entrance to host, until 5 April 2024, the exhibition of the American artist Roe Ethridge “Happy Birthday Louise Parker", designed specifically for 10 Corso Como and curated by Alessandro Rabottini.

In order to easily change shape and configuration to adapt to different curatorial needs, the two new spaces contain only mobile and modular elements: the Gallery is defined by self-supporting mobile walls, while the arrangement of the large tables pantographof the Project Room can change depending on the projects.

The jewels by Pietro Consagra at 10 Corso Como

Here, the entire series of jewels by Pietro Consagra is presented for the first time, in the exhibition “Pietro Consagra. Ornaments" curated by Alessio de' Navasques, collection of face masks and body ornaments, created in 1969 in collaboration with GEM GianCarlo Montebello, a laboratory for the production of artist jewellery.

The design collection, curated by Domitilla Dardi: The Alchemical Plan

The exhibition dialogues with "Il Piano Alchemico", a choice of designer pieces for sale, selected by Domitilla Dardi following the principle of changing forms, where animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms merge ; and that of the four colors of the alchemical process.

In a chromatic sequence that goes from black to white (identifying elements of 10 Corso Como), up to yellow and red, the signature objects - tableware, accessories, small furnishings - are tools at the same functional time and custodians of ancient symbolism.

Editorial design pieces signed among others by: Ego Undesign, Tobia Scarpa, Mario Trimarchi, Zanellato and Bortolotto, Kiki and Joost, Lanificio Leo, Patricia Urquiola, Michael Anastassiades, Stamuli, Margherita Rui.

Selective archaeology

The 2050+ project is based on a principle of "selective archaeology" which translates into the removal of materials and devices accumulated over time, to return the spaces to their industrial origins of the early twentieth century.

These "tactical micro-interventions" will give life to three "micro-architectures" - stairs, elevator, technical spaces - which will redefine the spatial distribution.

The new staircase and the elevator which recovers the freight elevator active in the past, will open vertical connections with the terrace which, together with the courtyard - urban jungle and flowery lawn open to special events -, the shop and the first slowly, the next spaces will be inaugurated.

A platform in permanent transformation dedicated to design, art, fashion, culture, photography, food, urban nature.