In a deconsecrated church in Piacenza, delicate and precious works, born from a single brushstroke of gold painted, releasing a deep breath, stand out

Symbolic and precious, essential and material, the works that make up the 1000 Breath Painting exhibition, exhibited until January 31, 2022 by Volumnia, project dedicated to art and design that inhabits the spaces of a deconsecrated church in the center of Piacenza, born from the collaboration between the artists Carlo Brandelli and Ewa Wilczynski who create them with a single golden brushstroke traced, releasing a deep breath.

While breathing, the artist paints a single golden stroke

The artist first inhales and then paints, for the entire duration of the exhalation, a golden stroke. The act of painting this single line thus takes the form of an ancestral ceremonial and, after months of breaths and strokes, the work gradually acquires its 1000 layers. Last November Ewa Wilczynski and Carlo Brandelli staged an evocative live performance in the Renaissance and sacral spaces of the former church with an eighteenth-century facade. the works are created/breathed in and at the same time how our lives are 'delicate', hanging in a breath.

Works of great intense creativity and spirituality

The goal of this ritual and ascetic work is to show the passage of creative energy in a "passing of time" that becomes physical. If breathing is the fundamental life force in the existence of every person, the exhalation is associated with various spiritual practices which include meditation and body exercise.

A breath to hold

In some cases, when the painting is complete, the layers of paint are removed from the canvas and the work becomes a sculpture that allows the viewer to hold the artist's breath in his hand.