On April 19, from 15 to 17:30, the ADI Design Museum hosts the Design Beyond East and West Forum 2023, organized by the ADI Design Museum with the Oriental Culture & Design Center (OCDC) of Kookmin University

The DBEW Forum - taking place on 19 April 2023 from 15-17:30 at the ADI Design Museum - discusses the cultural value and identity of Asia in terms of building harmonious designs for a sustainable society.

It aims to discover the shared values of Asian nations and expand them to a value that can be embraced by both East and West, achieving a new design orientation.

In the 2023 session, the Forum will question the orientation of a "Harmonious Design for the Future: Design Beyond East & West" by addressing leaders of the project world, who have extensive experience in different areas of design (designer, researcher, educator, administrator, media, etc.).

The theme of the forum is "Design Beyond East & West", consisting of 3 sessions:

Design Beyond East & West
Asian Design Identity
Design Discussion.

Starting with the keynote speech by Andrea Cancellato (Director of ADI Design Museum), Toshiyuki Kita (Designer) and Young Hye Lee (President of Design House). Designers, educators, design researchers and administrative experts from Korea, China, Japan and Italy will gather to discuss the value and future of Asian design and identity in the global context.

The day's program