In Locorotondo, in Puglia, the "Ground Control" exhibition shines the spotlight on the relationship between human consciousness, technology and repercussions on the environment through the visions - between real and virtual - of five photographers

Within Pensiericorrenti, festival that mixes culture and science, music and environment scheduled in Locorotondo, in Puglia , from 27 to 31 July, the exhibition Ground Control curated by Laura Tota investigates the relationship between self-awareness, technology and environmental repercussions through the projects of five photographers: Pasquale Fanelli, Luca Marianaccio, Maria Mavropoulou, Franziska Ostermann, Luke Saxon.

A selection of works far from clichés

An international and transversal research with a very precise sophisticated aesthetic, far from the clichés linked to the often abused/emptied theme of environment.

The outdoor exhibition was designed by Francesco Convertini/Quattroccì , missed exactly a month ago. On display s ui dry stone walls typical of the Valle d'Itria, the works dialogue with the enchanting territory of one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

An investigation of man, nature and virtual reality

Between real and virtual, Ground Control wants to investigate through the visions of five photographers the relationship between man, environment and technology to trigger a reflection on contemporaneity and the future of this delicate a relationship that from a sterile monologue, which is based on the control/exploitation of man over nature implemented through increasingly innovative production processes, must go back to being a dialogue.

5 authors, 5 visions

In 404 Not Found , Luca Marianaccio describes an environment mediated by technology with clear, clear and dry images. They are fragments suspended in time and space, details of scenarios in which technology insinuates itself into the loose mesh of everyday life and individual and collective identity.

A Hollow Garden by Maria Mavropoulou represents the attempt to find a way to intertwine two different ways of existing - real and virtual - trying to reach a point of equilibrium whereby a garden can exist in the digital world not only as an empty representation of that natural, but as an autonomous entity.

Nulla Dies Sine Linea by Pasquale Fanelli develops on the concept of concatenation of events over time. Through the use of archive photos, NASA photographic materials and unpublished shots, the author places the infinitely large and the infinitely small, past, present and future, on the same line of analysis, to create awareness of the weight of the decisions made. by every single individual.

In Selfobservations , Franziska Ostermann investigates the plurality of identities that can be generated in the digital world, making them visible at an intermediate level between virtuality and reality. Directing selfies made in the past towards herself, Franziska engages in dialogue with self-versions of the past that can only meet in the pictorial space of photography.

The Same But Different photographs by Luke Saxon draw from everyday life with irony and disenchantment. Through the juxtaposition of images of different origins and placing real elements that are extraneous to each other in dialogue, it is as if, simulating a child's play, the artist covered a only eye, alternating distant visions between them and letting them converge in a fresh and fruitful dialogue.

The 'unexpected continuity that is created between human forms and natural forms thus becomes a warning not to ignore the mutual dependence between two entities that must return to dialogue to ensure mutual permanence on earth.

Dedication to the memory and dreams of Francesco Convertini

This exhibition is dedicated to Francesco Convertini, whose future has broken too soon explains curator Laura Tota.

Ciulicchio, as everyone called him, designed the fittings and made them through our hands. His future would have been bright and bright, and it would have made that of all of us as well through his inexhaustible genius and will to live. In his head there was no thought that it could not be realized and it will always be like this. Hi Francesco, your dreams are safe with us