Sixty years after its founding, the supermarket chain Esselunga looks back on its history with an exhibition open to the public. Not a traditional exhibit, but a voyage-spectacle created as an entertaining gift for customers.

The protagonist is not just Esselunga but also the changes of lifestyle and habits that have happened in Italy over the last 60 years. An itinerary through over 10 different settings, like a time machine to again experience various phases of the past and present.

The spectacular exhibits include a zoetrope, an optical device that offers a look at the preparation of Esselunga’s lasagna, one of its most popular products; an installation of shopping carts; a kaleidoscopic immersive space to illustration production processes; and a dramatic strawberry throne in which to sit to take photographs and selfies.

The image of the poster for the show is by Giovanni Gastel, taken from the book “60 parole per dire Esselunga” published by Rizzoli.