The first solo show in an Italian museum of the Swiss artist Zimoun, known for his works that combine sound art  and the architecture of spaces, ushers in the Node festival of electronic music and live arts,  held in Modena from 9 to 12 November.

The exhibition entitled 605 prepared dc-motors, cardboard boxes  invades the five rooms of the historic Palazzina dei Giardini in Modena, each featuring a mechanical installation built with simple materials  – cardboard boxes, balls of cotton, metal cables, wood, etc. – with automatic systems to generate sounds and noises.

The show curated by  Filippo Aldovini is organized and produced by Galleria civica di Modena and Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Modena  in collaboration with Associazione Lemniscata  and  fuse.


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Zimoun - Festival Maintenant 2013 Photo © Elise Fournier - Mention obligatoire pour toute utilisation / Aucune utilisation sans accord