In the context of the celebrations of the 80th birthday of the very popular Moka Express coffeemaker, Bialetti has organized, at the Società per le Belle Arti ed Esposizione Permanente, an exhibition retracing 80 years of history and coffee in Italy, narrated from the vantage point of the famous mustachioed man. The exhibition itinerary starts with curiosities and stories connected with the discovery and spread of coffee, moving on to a section on coffee production: from the plant to the roasting, the bean to the cup, all the way to an exclusive selection of antique coffeepots and utensils used to make the beverage, prior to the invention of the Moka Express. The heart of the exhibition is the central area, with an octagonal form –a reference to the unforgettable shape of the Moka Express – which presents the venerable ancestor, the Moka Express of 1933 created by the genius of Alfonso Bialetti– from the origin of the idea to its later evolutions, leading to the modern version. Unique objects never before shown in public, from the Historical Archives of Bialetti Industrie.