Milan has recently caught sight of a “comet”, designed by Mario Bellini, or at least that’s how he defines his creation for MiCo, the new Convention Center of Milan, the largest in Europe. A sort of “volumetric earthquake” that has required major architectural know-how and generated a silvery comet that tops and embraces the new end of the Portello, together with part of the sides and the roof of the building already constructed by Bellini back in 1993-97. The comet – atop a complex grafting of metal and glass volumes with spectacular 180° views of the city – is luminous at dawn and dusk because it reflects the sun and the clouds, and at night thanks to restrained artificial lighting. The luminous coating spreads out from the denser nucleus of the end of the building, and forms a 200-meter trail. A strong sign, a landmark of the new Convention Center, establishing a dialogue with the new surrounding urban areas.