The Giovanni Arredi Auditorium of the Museum of the Violin in Cremona constitutes part of the museum complex created in the historic Palazzo dell’Arte, a work by the rationalist architect Carlo Cocchia, due to open in the spring of 2013. The 475-seat hall is the result of collaboration between the studio Nagata Acousticsof the acoustic engineer Yasuhisa Toyota and the architecture office Arkpabi Giorgio Palù & Michele Bianchi, combining the most advanced technologies with the ancient skills of instrument making and the cultural tradition of Cremona. Right from the design phase, the project was clearly a challenge: to insert a sinuous tulip form in the existing rigid rationalist structure of a parallelepiped of relatively small size. Major interventions were required to make this vision a reality. The project has a dual soul: acoustics and architecture establish a dialogue through the image of the sound wave that spreads in the space. The harmonious structure, composed of soft volumes and sinuous lines, captures the sound and translates it into imagery.