Once again this year, the ADI Design Index – the annual anthology of the best Italian design selected by ADI, the most authoritative association in this sector – will be presented with an exhibition in Milan and Rome.

From 5 October in Milan, in the spaces of ADI per EXPO (future headquarters of the association), about 150 Italian objects produced over the last year in all merchandise sectors – from furniture to cars, building components to books – will be presented with the 2015 edition of the ADI Design Index, together with an exhibition of the selected products. The exhibition will then move to Rome starting on 15 October, at the Orto Botanico.

ADI Design Index will also be the protagonist, from 16 to 18 October, of Maker Faire Rome, with the exhibition “Autoproduzioni” on objects and services selected by the Index over the last three years, for an overview of one of the most significant threads of contemporary design.

Every year ADI makes a strict selection of all Italian products: from 758 selected items this year, only 150 will become candidates for the next Compasso d’Oro ADI, for which the ADI Design is the antechamber. These products are joined by 23 student projects from Italian design programs competing in their own section – Targa Giovani – representing the finest examples of training of future designers in Italy.

The selection has been made by a special working team, the Osservatorio Permanente del Design: over one hundred experts (also from outside ADI) who throughout the year, region by region, choose the best design products of the year to propose for the publication and the exhibition.