The Design Index 2021 guide, the last stage for the award of the Compasso d'Oro 2022, was presented yesterday at the ADI Museum

The Index 2021 guide, the last stage for the award of the Compasso d'oro 2022, was presented yesterday at ADI Museum .

More than a thousand candidates, 233 selected plus 28 Targhe Giovani (young designers award) for 20% more adhesions than the previous year, with a particular peak among the new recruits.

According to Umberto Cabini, president of the ADI Foundation, the associative awareness among the neo-architects is growing: "it is very important for us that this presence exists since young people are the future, of the association and of the project".

The guiding values ​​of the Compasso d'Oro

People Planet Prosperity are the values ​​that guided the commissions in the selection of the products that will compete in the award of the Compasso d'Oro 2022. "These are the values ​​of the G20 agenda and those in which we firmly believe as association ”, said the President of ADI Luciano Galimberti.

ADI's concrete support for the People Planet Prosperity triad has resulted (and will increasingly translate) into a targeted selection of more systemic products and projects , which take into account the entire life cycle of an object (environmental impact) but also of its social, cultural and economic impact in terms of positive impact on the community.

It is a line already started but on which the ADI now insists, without hesitation. Luciano Galimberti again: “We are not a facade company, we want to make a difference and give a concrete and responsible impulse”.

The opening of the Museum certainly played a fundamental role in the growth of interest in ADI. “Designed to welcome, enhance, make the city participate”, said Galimberti. “And first of all explain that design is an integral part of reality, not a tinsel or an abstruse strategy”.


Cover photo: from Targa Giovani 2021, A story of Control, a narrative scheme that elaborates a vocabulary of situations and sensations of bipolar disorder for those who do not suffer from it, to counter prejudice and disinformation. Project by Matilde Patuelli, Design Academy Eindhoven