In tune with the theme “Reporting from the Front” of the 15th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale, Institut Ramon Llull presents a parallel event, “Aftermath_Catalonia in Venice. Architecture beyond Architects” curated by the architects Jaume Prat and Jelena Prokopljević and the director Isaki Lacuesta, using audiovisual installations to focus on seven public architectural projects selected as good examples of architecture that is able to improve relations between people and their urban, social and natural environment.

The installations of the various projects, including a hospital, a parking facility, a theater and a nature reserve, offer a glimpse of architectural space in the daily actions of the end user who becomes the protagonist.

The project sets out to stimulate and engage the audience, triggering a process of reflection and participation. Films of projects are projected on different translucent surfaces, revealing the complexity of interaction between man, architecture and society.

Viewers become both visitors and editors, following the itinerary and making a final edit on their own.