In the Sicilian capital, iDesign brought artisans to meet designers: a design week which, now in its ninth edition, is the longest running in southern Italy

Inside/Outside is the theme of the XI stage of iDesign, a long journey led by Daniela Brignone with the ambition of bringing the culture of design into the Sicilian capital. A curation work with strong potential that every year disseminates exhibitions, installations, talks and conferences throughout the city at (almost) zero cost but with a high level of creative will

iDesign, literally "I design", is the exhibition founded in 2012 by Daniela Brignone, art historian and curator, who already in 2015 was included in the " Design for communication” by ADI Design Index for the “enhancement of design culture as a strategy for local development”.

“It is a work that does not concern design in its purest sense – explains the curator – but which puts it in relation to craftsmanship, through a mapping of present and past realities in the area. To make them known and continue to exist."

A significant example of this activity is the Officine Calderai project founded by the Martinelli studio Venezia, which made Via dei Calderai, the ancient Palermo road of tinsmiths and tinsmiths.

By creating unique design objects such as lamps and oil cruets, says Brignone, the Martinelli Venezia duo managed to transform the workshop of the master Nino Ciminna who passed away in 2015, otherwise destined to disappear, into a micro museum of metalworking.

A space dedicated to ancient knowledge, a founding part of Palermo's identity, which last year at iDesign hosted a workshop dedicated toyoung people.

The title of the 2023 edition, "Inside/Outside - Domestic spaces urban visions", focuses this year on the insider, or rather the insider, in dialogue with the outsider as an inspirer of new reflections.

The "inside" of a creative vision and the "outside" of a creation, in a production that contains the history of the object and the experience of those who created it, the recognition of its quality, the relationship with its place of birth.

As every year, the route of this widespread exhibition winds through various venues. We indicate just a few.

At the entrance to Palazzo Riso, home of the Regional Art Museum, “Design as you have never seen it. Visual deficits as tools for understanding design" - edited by Daniela BrignoneandDario Scarpati - aims to encourage the spread of aids for access to places of culture for audiences with disabilities.

Small and essential exhibition project conceived together with the Stamperia Regionale Braille, it shows, in addition to the tactile architectural model of the Royal Palace of Palermo, some graphic and bas-relief reproductions of contemporary works of art (in the photo, a work by Banksy), design works (among these, the Moka coffee maker project), tactile and NeroBraille printed books. There is also a relief reproduction of the mosaics of Piazza Armerina.

Also at Palazzo Riso, the photographic exhibition "Terramare", curated by Fortunato, addresses the themes of the outdoors understood as an environment strong> D'Amico, by the artist Daniela Pellegrini. A poetic, identity and cultural reworking of the themes of water and land, from which planetary biodiversity comes to life.

On the ground floor of Palazzo Amoroso, a building designed by BBPR in the 70s, the Atelier Manima hosts “< strong>The Universe of Cleto Munari” - exhibition project conceived by Contemporary Concept - exhibition dedicated to the contemporary artistic production of this master of industrial design: objects, jewels, glasses among art, design and culture, coexist with the social project conceived by Piero Di Pasquale and Carolina Guthmann who, with the aim of creating female employment in Southern Italy, have started a beautiful project to recover the art of embroidery by hand.

As in any self-respecting design week, an industrial archeology location could not be missing: the Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa, former Ducrot workshops built at the end of the nineteenth century, where Art Nouveau works in wood and metal designed by the Palermo architect Ernesto Basile were created .

A house of one's own” - curated by Maria Gabriella Pantalena - shows the houses that 14 female architects have designed for themselves, putting their profession at their service and seeking at the same time as interpreting a vision that is emotional and technical at the same time. “Energia!” is the exhibition that Genova BeDesign week brings to Palermo, the result of the collaboration with DiDe, Design District of Genoa.

The exhibition "Oil in all senses" is instead a work shared by the Italian Design Weeks, a journey through prototypes created by designers who participated in the national competition of the same name which took place in 2022 "Design in Sicily: utopia realized" is the exhibition set up by ADI Sicilia, led by president Andrea Branciforti, which illustrates the projects of Sicilian designers included in the ADI Design Index of the last decade.

"Effetto Sud. Creative experiences in Sicily" is also dedicated to Sicilian designers, an exhibition of objects belonging to various fields of production (textiles, interior and outdoor furnishings), at the Church of SS . Crispino e Crispiniano, Municipal Library.

Unico 500#barbiedonna” is the installation by Eliana Maria Lorena which is the result of research on female identity and anthropology through the icon of Barbie, which has become very topical again.

“Not a mere playing with dolls, but a dialogue with the change that society, customs and religion impose on women”. At the Church of SS. Crispin and Crispiniano, Municipal Library.

“Next year we have ideas for unusual aggregations and we already have the concept ready, in collaboration with a large Italian company that wants to work with us on a project that has to do with augmented reality …” Daniela Brignone is already projected into the next edition. We are waiting to know the details for the 2024 edition.

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