For those wondering what to do in Milan with children in January 2024, here is a selection of interactive routes that entertain and teach. Design is the common thread

Silent or explicit, design is the common thread of this short must-visit list of experiences to note for those who are wondering what to do in January inMilan, with children. The world of design thus lends itself to entertaining the little ones, with workshops, creative spaces and guided tours where children can enjoy moments of fun and learning in the city.

From the completely dedicated exhibition, as in the case of Discovering Design by Junior Lab | ADI Design Museum, where design plays a blatantly central role, to the scientific laboratory of Chaos Lab, where children can have fun (also) reasoning with magnetic walls that require the design of tetris gravity proof. From the LegoLife exhibition which allows you to build and de-construct various shapes with the most famous bricks in the world, to the more traditional but unmissable guided tour of the Pinacoteca di Brera.

Attention, because interaction between visitors - of any age - is a must! So here are 3 (+1) events in Milan not to be missed with children in January 2024.

  1. Chaos Lab, Spazio Bergognone

It arrived in Italy for the first time and is the path dedicated to the science of the successful format created by Fever. After having proposed experiences such as the Balloon Museum (always for adults and children) and Van Gogh Experience, the Spanish company specializing in the design of immersive experiences, is aimed at children with Chaos Lab - Play with science, to entertain with educational content.

About an hour's journey that alternates between neon rooms, stations with colored slime, areas for mathematics and many other activities to learn and give free rein to creativity while having fun.

After an initial meeting with Doctor Splat, protagonist of a laboratory with crazy experiments that describe a 15-minute show between science and comic art, there is Math Lab, the area dedicated to the world of mathematics with many themed games. The journey continues in the Neon Room, where you can have fun with fluorescent colors and luminous writings, followed by the Gravity Lab, the space in which a magnetic wall allows visitors (even adults!) to experiment with gravity by inventing a tetris of ramps and ball tracks. Among the most loved, the Ball Pit (the large luminous pool of balls) and the Slime Station where colored sands and modeling clay enchant even the older ones.

Recommended age: any, it is also possible to access with strollers

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Chaos Lab, useful information

Where: Spazio Bergognone 26 (via Bergognone 26, 20144 Milan)
Dates and times: Every Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6pm until June 2024
Price and tickets: Tickets available at this link and discounted rates for families (free entry for children up to 3 years; €15 for children aged 3 to 12; €10 for children aged 12 and over and for adults).

2. Discovering the masterpieces - Pinacoteca di Brera

An appointment during which the little ones can give free rein to the most disparate questions. But adults are also learning.

The path designed is to bring the little ones closer to the world of colors and the beauty of art, with its curiosities: a journey through history and culture, explained in an understandable language, which conveys everything the charm of timeless artists. We start from a small oratory in Brianza, passing through Urbino to get to know Piero della Francesca, until we discover which splendid works Caravaggio and Hayez painted. During the guided tour, it is explained to children and young people what the great artistic, historical and cultural changes were that led art to change so radically over the centuries.

Recommended age: 6-10 years

Discovering the masterpieces - Pinacoteca di Brera, useful information

Dates: from 01/14/2024 to 01/28/2024
Time: 3.30pm
Cost: €8 + entrance fee
Tickets: reservation is mandatory, it is possible book online through this link
Duration: 90 minutes

3. Junior LAB - ADI Design Museum

What makes a designer? This is the name of the event organized by the Junior Lab of the ADI Design Museum which tells children up close, precisely, what a Designer does. The workshop dedicated to younger children will tell them what designing for other people's needs is and how to give shape to an idea through the use of different materials, offering itself as a first opportunity to meet the world of Design.

Again, 'interaction' is the key word: participants will be able to listen and actively take part in the creation of small objects. After an initial introductory and discovery moment of the museum and its function, in fact, the children will enter into a narrated dialogue with a designer who, through a series of stories, will show them projects and some curiosities related to the idea.

A laboratory activity will follow, focused on the creation of one's own object, experimenting with various recycled materials.

What does a designer do? - Junior Lab - ADI Design Museum

Date: Sunday 14 January 2024
Time: 11.00
Cost: €10
Tickets: it is possible to purchase the ticket here
Duration: 90 minutes

4. LegoLife, Permanent Museum

Fantastic dioramas never before exhibited in the city, built with the famous bricks that have attracted generations of children and enthusiasts of the Lego world. LegoLife is the exhibition set up in the spaces of the Permanente in via Turati and designed to test the inventiveness of adults and children with the most famous construction modules in the world .

There are highly detailed reproductions of incredible small-scale worlds, built through the passion and ingenuity of some of the greatest Lego collectors and builders in Europe, but also a colourfulimmersive room and an exhibition of works inspired by the history of art and reworked in a Lego key, a large laboratory where children can have fun assembling their own constructions and many role-playing games strong> on a large scale to deal with during the visit.

With the patronage of the Municipality of Milan, promoted by the Museo della Permanente, LegoLife is an exhibition produced and organized by Piuma in collaboration with Arthemisia and sees the Mercato Centrale Milano as a partner. The exhibition is not sponsored by the Lego Group and is created thanks to some of the greatest collectors in the world.

LegoLife useful information

Dates: until February 4, 2024
Times: every day from 10.00 to 19.30 (the ticket office closes one hour earlier)
Cost: full €14.00; reduced €12.00 (children aged 11 to 18; university students with ID; disabled people); special reduced price €10.00 (children aged 4 to 11); free gift for children under 4 years old; companion for the disabled
Tickets:tickets can be purchased at the ticket office or at this link.