3daysofdesign 2024 (12-14 June) promises to be the most attended edition ever, with over 400 exhibitions in the streets, showrooms, galleries and event spaces of Copenhagen

This year's invitation fromSigne Byrdal Terenziani, CEO of 3daysofdesign, isDare to Dream, dare to dream. A stimulating topic, also in relation to the historical moment we are experiencing, we asked her:

What does the festival want to communicate?

“Nowadays it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the overwhelming wave of information and many people find themselves, at the same time, facing a harsh reality and a precarious future.

In my opinion, dreams are the fuel to open new paths to optimism: the driving force that pushes people to dig into the depths of the imagination to pursue their ideas. Free from the constraints of reality.

By daring to dream, we find the courage to achieve something unattainable and explore uncharted territories where pioneering ideas grow. It is within this dreamscape that unconventional ideas are born.

And to make this landscape truly accessible, this year we have introduced, in each district of the festival, particular 'dreamscapes', places where people can reflect on what they have seen, take a break, disconnect the plug and, indeed, dreaming..."

What to expect from 3daysofdesign 2024

The eleventh edition of the Copenhagen design festival, whose visual identity was designed by the Danish studio BIG, is not just a showcase of creativity, but a celebration of power of dreams of concretely shaping our world.

The suggestion is to get involved, daring as the title of the event says, and explore the unlimited possibilities that arise before us when we leave ourselves free to dream and imagine a better future thanks to design.

Guests, enthusiasts, professionals and the curious who "dare" to get involved in the three days of the festival will experience the transformative power of dreams on the design universe.

From the latest sustainable solutions to the most revolutionary aesthetic innovations, 3daysofdesign offers the opportunity to observe and touch the cutting edge of design thinking.

Dare to Dream - according to Signe Byrdal Terenziani - is a design with a reason for being that goes beyond form and function. Where a chair is more like a companion, a table is where kindred souls meet, a lamp illuminates thoughts and a sofa offers a haven of relief.”

Basically, how do you visit the festival?

3daysofdesign is active in the main neighborhoods of Copenhagen from Wednesday to Friday of the second week of June: this year there are eleven districts involved and twelve product categories. Presentations, events and conferences are free and open to all, subject to availability: the advice is to consult the program on the website.

Another efficient way to orient yourself and organize your visit is to download the app and register as a visitor. Accessing the events means being able to have a glimpse of the previews of the design to come, discover the trends and previews of new products, meet the protagonists of the world of production and network with people who share the same passion for design.

For those who will be in Copenhagen in the next few days, there are two hubs of the festival: the 25Hours Hotel, the central hub, where you can meet the 3daysofdesign team available for any type of indication, and the Refshaleøen district, a concrete representation of the commitment to sustainable design.

Here, to welcome visitors, the sensorial and hyper-materialistic installation by Natural Material Studio which aims to broaden our understanding of design.

How was the concept of 3daysofdesign born and where does it want to go?

“I have always loved the idea of ​​introducing Danish brands to an international audience. After working in Milan with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the occasion of the exhibitions for the Salone de Mobile, I created the concept of the Danish LivingRoom exhibitions, together with GamFratesi.

So I thought we should host an official Danish design festival in Copenhagen, where industry professionals, buyers and journalists could see on site the incredible work done by all the people who contribute to Denmark's reputation as a nation of design .

The first year, four Danish design brands exhibited in an old warehouse in the Nordhavn district, kicking off an initiative that aimed to demonstrate the value of community. From that moment, I saw the opportunity to expand 3daysofdesign, inviting other companies to participate, but changing the organizational concept: the proposal to companies, in fact, was to exhibit in their showrooms, rather than in an exhibition center.

The result is a more personal connection with visitors, who can see behind the scenes of every single production reality, its values ​​and its aesthetic universe.

Furthermore, this minimizes waste, unlike other design festivals based on temporary exhibitions that are discarded a few days later. Given the constant growth of the format, it is important to continue to reflect on its possible future evolutions, so that welcoming an ever-increasing number of participants, from neighboring Nordic countries and from the rest of the world, still maintains the commitment to a growth strategy that gives priority to the well-being of people and the planet.

The selection criteria for participants have therefore become increasingly strict: the first requirement for exhibitors is to demonstrate that they are implementing tangible sustainability actions. Looking ahead, the goal is to imagine a future in which Denmark transcends its reputation as a design-focused nation, becoming a global leader in positive solutions for the environment."