On May 20, the director of Interni will talk about the "production of values: incisiveness, innovation and sustainability" and the 70 years of the magazine

The history of Interni represents the history of Italian design. The magazine was founded at the start of the boom years, in an Italy that was being reborn amid the enthusiasm of modernity. In the 1960s, Interni observed the change and gave readers an account of it: to imagine an “absolutely modern” home.

Then came the Seventies, many architects found design an expressive form that brought them closer to the art world, though in a serial mode, and Germano Celant coined the term “Radical Design”. Radical architecture movements sprang up and the magazine acted as as a critical and formative instrument.

In the Eighties we were in the heyday of Made in Italy: designers, companies, publications and the educational system worked together to project a shared vision of the creative universe in the furniture and design sector.

Starting in the Nineties, under the direction of Gilda Bojardi (since 1994), Interni became the spokesperson for the furniture and design system in Italy and abroad, spreading it in the most prestigious international centers (from the FuoriSalone in Milan, created by Interni and Gilda Bojardi, to international Design Weeks, Expos and numerous events at museums, embassies, consular offices and cultural institutes).

In the third millennium, Interni is the most authoritative and widely recognized magazine of Italian design: one that compares authors and companies, in dialogue on the fertile ground of the culture of design, always ready to renew itself.

On May 20, 2024, at the Consulate General of Italy, Gilda Bojardi is invited by Consul General Fabrizio Di Michele to be the ambassador for Italian Design Day.

Interni has organized a talk between designers and companies, where the most representative figures in design, architecture and entrepreneurship will retrace the magazine’s first seventy years recounting projects, anecdotes, but above all Cross Visions of the present and future of International Italian Design.

And the theme of Italian Design Day 2024, “ManufacturingValue - Inclusivity, Innovation and Sustainability”, will be interpreted in a story told by two voices: Interni, as it celebrates its seventieth birthday with a new graphic project, and Gilda Bojardi, who has been at its helm for thirty years.

It will not be a celebratory event, but a joyful talk performance under the banner of the magazine’s “Cross Visions”. A celebration for Interni and Manhattan.

The Event will be live-streamed on the Consulate General of Italy Instagram page @Italyinny in collaboration with Interni IG @InterniMagazine