The theme, the dates and the main news on the Landscape Festival 2023, the event dedicated to the landscape

For its XIII edition, Landscape Festival - The Masters of the Landscape is doubled: from 7 to 24 September 2023 the event will populate the urban area of Bergamo (as usual) and, an absolute novelty, also of Brescia.

A coherent support with respect to the already extensive collaboration between the two cities, accomplices in the context of Bergamo Brescia Italian Capital of Culture 2023, and which aims to disseminate the centrality of the landscape component in our lives - where architecture meets culture.

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Landscape Festival 2023: the theme

"Grow Together" is the leitmotif of the 20 days of the event: for this year's edition, the intention is to deepen the theme of collective collaboration. 'Grow together' is therefore the invitation, a current encouragement, above all because following years of forced distance due to the Pandemic.

Multidisciplinarity, then, will be the key to understanding Landscape Festival 2023: like every year, the review is not limited to addressing only professionals in the sector. The holistic visions of the leading national and international experts on the subject of landscape but also of architecture, culture, interior design and climate change will enrich the schedule; a working group to which companies are added, ready to support a varied and interesting vision for everyone - from the most prepared to just enthusiasts.

The Masters of the Landscape 2023: Bergamo and Brescia

For its thirteenth edition, Landscape Festival doubles: this year there are two cities hosting the event. Therefore, the 'Green Squares, i.e. the central spaces around which the entire event revolves, are also double, and consequently the landscape architects consulted.

Landscape Festival 2023 in Bergamo

The Green Square of Bergamo will be designed by the architect Martin Rein-Cano of the Topotek studio 1< /strong> of Berlin, who will take care of the Piazza Vecchia in the Upper Town in Bergamo, which has always been a symbol of the Landscape Festival.

In line with the theme of the Festival, the installation Grow together, Grow green / 10 k+ will be a collective action that will develop on three levels: deconstruction, activation, growth in green and will result in a modular pyramid-shaped structure, of high social and participatory value. Made with reusable scaffolding on which are placed seedlings of forest species typical of the Lombardy region, which will be distributed during the event.

The subtitle 10k+ refers to the number of trees - over 10,000 - which, thanks to the support of ERSAF - the Regional Agency for Agriculture and Forestry Services - will be distributed during the Festival.

The public will be invited to actively participate, adopting one of the plants that will cover the structure and which, over the two weeks, will gradually disappear as visitors, by registering via QR-code and webpage, acquire them to plant them in their own garden or in a place in the city assigned by the Municipality.

As the pyramid is emptied of the seedlings, it can be used as a seat and will allow you to enjoy some cultural activities.

“Designing a garden - and therefore also an intervention in the context of a landscape festival - is a matter of care and cultural appreciation, of understanding the interaction between nature and culture.

In the past, design culture has traditionally adopted a positivist, romantic, even formal and consumerist approach.

Against the backdrop of climatic and social developments, our approach to urban space today needs to be rethought today. The urban landscape must deal with the most current themes of environmental planning and with the social aspects: away from the culture of waste, towards reuse; away from the action of the individual, towards the common, towards a broad participation and a process-oriented approach.

Today more than ever it is the task of the designer to respond to the current challenges and needs of a place and its users with a sustainable approach and solutions" explained Martin Rein-Cano during the press conference.

Landscape Festival 2023 in Brescia

The landscape architect involved in the creation of the Green Square of Brescia is instead Silvia Ghirelli – an Italian expert who, since its first edition, has affectionately supported the demonstration.

Ghirelli will be the author of the green installations and widespread green and artistic installations: not a single 'green' center, therefore, but a city redesigned in terms of landscape and dressed in green for the three-week festival.

Some places in the historic centre will be the protagonists, connected to each other like a labyrinth: from the internal courtyard of the MO.CA – Center for new Cultures to the square of the Church of Sant'Alessandro passing through other central points of the city, such as Corso Cavour and Piazza Bruno Boni.

The latter will be the heart of the event, where visitors will be able to enjoy a 'multi-sensory labyrinth garden' accompanied by specially designed background music, live performances and aperitifs. In the centre, a large table will be positioned from which cypresses will emerge to form a barrier which, gradually thinning out, will allow the participants to look at each other, get to know each other and socialize.

In addition to the two experts mentioned above, the most important landscape architects from all over the world will gather at the Lanscape Festival 2023, as every year, in an exciting schedule of meetings, workshops, educational activities and special events.

What not to miss at the Landscape Festival 2023

From 7 to 24 September 2023, in Bergamo and Brescia, we will talk about nature, culture and architecture, but also about beauty: a not negligible aspect when it comes to landscape.

Among the events not to be missed, the two masterclasses scheduled, one of which was held by the architect Rein-Cano.

As in past editions, this year too Landscape Festival pays particular attention to education: young architects and students will reflect on the increasingly central role of the landscape in favor of sustainable development, urban regeneration and the enhancement of the architectural and artistic heritage.

In this sense, we point out the International Meeting of Landscape and Garden (on 22nd and 23rd September 2023, at the Teatro Sociale di Bergamo), an event that brings together the best-known landscaping exponents from around the world, and during which architects, landscapers, garden designers, botanists and plant designers each talk about their own experience and design philosophy through lectures, talks and video testimonials.

Landscape Festival - The Masters of the Landscape: calendar, tickets and useful information

The XIII edition of Landscape Festival takes place in Bergamo and Brescia from 7 to 24 September 2023

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