During the FuoriSalone 2024, Lombardia Square will host 'Pyramide all'Everest', an installation produced entirely in Lombardy, and open to visitors from 16 to 21 April, which after the design week will be transferred to Nepal to cover the Piramide Observatory Laboratory

On the occasion of the next Design Week, Piazza Città di Lombardia, which with its 3800 m2 is the largest covered square in Europe, will become the hub of activities and events dedicated to Lombard excellence.

Lombardia Square is part of the ambitious Lombardia Style project promoted by the Councilor for Tourism, Territorial Marketing and Fashion, Barbara Mazzali and presented last February at the BIT in Milan: a trademark, a real brand, strongly desired by the Region which identifies and certifies the best of production and creativity made in Lombardy.

From 16 to 21 April during the FuoriSalone, Lombardia Square will host the Pyramid of Everest, a unique 17x17x11m installation, produced entirely in Lombardy, which will be open to the public before being transferred to Nepal, to cover thePyramid Observatory Laboratory, bringing the Region's logo to 5,050m on the roof of the World.

The laboratory is a high-altitude scientific research center inaugurated in 1990 by Ardito Desio and Agostino da Polenza, to offer the international scientific community a 'unique opportunity to study the environment, climate, human physiology, geology and the most advanced technology in an emblematic protected mountain region.

“Lombardia Square, thanks to the availability of President Fontana, inaugurates its schedule for the FuoriSalone 2024 with an extraordinary project, the Pyramid on Everest, which – comments the Councilor for Tourism, Territorial Marketing and Fashion Barbara Mazzali – represents a unique opportunity to see this structure up close, before it covers the observatory on Everest to allow for the necessary maintenance. The installation is the symbol of Lombard research, a concrete example of Made in Lombardy excellence.”

The Pyramid - which will be mounted in the square at the center of the Region's skyscrapers - will be the symbol of mountains around the world and a special observatory on climate change. Inside there will be 3 blocks of ice representative of the 3 types of Alpine and Himalayan glaciers: clean ice; ice affected by darkening; ice covered by rocky debris.

During the design week, the blocks will be monitored by the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policies of the State University of Milan.

An urban glaciology activity designed to raise visitor awareness of the increase in glacial melting due to ongoing climate changes.

Furthermore, thanks to Oculos viewers, visitors will be able to take an immersive journey in videos shot by UNIMI on the Forni Glacier during monitoring and research activities. Virtual visitors will have the impression of being directly on the glacier with researchers from La Statale, to experience first-hand the impacts of climate change on the glacier.