The 2024 SanRemo Festival is about to start. If you are a fan of Italian music, setting up the TV area in the name of comfort is the right choice to make. Here are the expert's advice

When it comes to Sanremo, people tend to take sides two opposing factions. On the one hand there are those who don't care at all about the National Popular Festival and, on the contrary, snub it big time, ignoring (for real or pretend) when it begins and when it ends.

On the other hand, those who are already in the starting positions, very happy to be able to dedicate entire evenings to the most identifying singing competition of Italian pop music. If you are part of the Sanremo team, this is the piece for you.

We have decided to collect a series of practical tips to create the perfect home scenography and enjoy watching the Festival in comfort, obviously in good company. Plus some indications regarding the social profiles to follow to stay up to date on the 2024 edition of the Rai programme.

Sanremo is always SanRemo: some info on the 2024 edition

From Tuesday 6 February to Saturday 10, everyone tune in to the live broadcast from the Ariston Theatre.

What to expect from this year's edition? As most people know, already in December Amadeus announced the 30 singers competing, with 27 big names and 3 young people.

Any names? They range from Alessandra Amoroso to Diodato, from The Kolors to the Renga-Nek duo. The co-hosts of SanRemo 2024 will be, in order, Marco Mengoni (for the debut evening), then Giorgia, Teresa Mannino and Lorella Cuccarini.

Grand finale with the presence of the one and only Fiorello. Which platforms and social profiles will ensure the most timely feedback, so as not to miss even a detail of the Festival? Instagram, TikTok and Threads are the virtual places to be to visit during the days in Sanremo.

Another tip: Follow the beauty influencer and make-up artist Clio Zammatteo, aka ClioMakeUp, involved again this year in the Sanremo project with broadcasting radio program Oltre il Festival, with interviews with the Festival's guest musicians.

Sanremo, how to create the perfect set at home

Those who love Sanremo know that the evenings dedicated to watching (and listening to) the Festival last many hours, between commercial breaks and various sideshows. This is why the watchword for setting up the TV area is only one: comfort.

As the interior architect Alice Truant explains, «the perfect television corner requires an adequate distance between the screen and the seat, so as not to be the headache halfway through the program. If space permits, cut out a sort of bubble separate from the remaining living room, positioning the TV on a white wall and a sofa, armchairs, pouf and, alternatively, cushions at a distance of between 1.5 and 2.5 metres.

A soft carpet is always welcome and immediately feels cosy. To make your TV room even more comfortable (even if in reality it is a room within a room), pay special attention to the lighting, which must be soft and dimmable, with different light points never in contrast with the brightness of the screen.

No to total darkness: in addition to not being good for your eyesight, you would lose the pleasure of interacting with your Sanremo marathon companions.

To create a welcoming, warm and intimate atmosphere, string lights always work well, hanging freely on shelves, bookcases and windows.

A mini buffet cannot be missing. On a low table, on a stool or on a food trolley, place a tray with bowls full of finger food of your choice, from seasonal vegetables cut into strips to the inevitable popcorn and assorted pretzels.

Guests have the task of bringing drinks, but don't be tempted by plastic glasses and instead put glass goblets and colored glasses in plain sight for those who go for water and soft drinks". Good fun!

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