A series of meetings that addresses the theme of design and architecture in relation to tailor-made solutions for climate well-being

INTERNI is passionate about challenges. So when the RBM More team proposed to the magazine to imagine a cycle of meetingsthat addressed the theme of design and architecture in relation to what the most innovative division of the Nave company from Brescia deals with (i.e. Tailor-made solutions for Climatic Wellbeing), a master title has been identified for all the episodes.

Temperatures. A meta theme, transversal and in some ways obsessive, a hot topic, a burning topic if we want to play with words.

Watch the video for Temperatures #1: Hotel Tales

In fact, since Era 2020, we have begun to be very interested in temperature, in particular that of our body: a good temperature generally indicates a person's state of well-being.

The body temperature must interface with the environments: it is good to live and frequent temperate places, without large temperature changes. Unless you plan to create ad hoc situations in which the temperature is stressed for therapeutic purposes: a Finnish sauna for example reaches at least 60° of temperature, at which what happens is a shower with water at room temperature.

But the well-being of our body and of the places we frequent today more than ever depends on the temperature of the planet.

Actions such as uncontrolled deforestation, the indiscriminate use of fossil fuels which have caused an increase in C02 and what climate scientists define as The Great Acceleration, have led to a rising temperatures like never before.

This is generating side effects unimagined to date, with increasingly disastrous consequences on the territory: heat and drought, violent rains and flooding, very strong hurricanes.

This is why it is necessary to find solutions to reduce the impact of C02, control the thermal state of the environments that are frequented all year round to guarantee the psycho-physical well-being that we all need.

In the Milanese headquarters of RBM More which, we remind you, is the new division of RBM Spa, a company that intends to define new standards of well-being thanks to innovative solutions that allow the control of the three wellbeing indicators: temperature (°C), air humidity (%), air quality (PPM), were conceived by INTERNI four meetings.

The first, last October 5th, with the title "Hotel Stories", dedicated to the world of hospitality, had as guests the architect Federico Spagnulo founder of the Milanese studio Spagnulo and Partners and chef Claudio Sadler.

The second, “Abitare il Contemporaneo”, on 9 November, focused on domestic spaces, with Paolo Brambilla co-founder of the associated studio Calvi Brambilla strong> and the prof. Paolo Inghilleri full professor of Social Psychology M.D. University of Milan.

The third and fourth appointments are scheduled for February and March 2024. The first will be dedicated to public spaces for culture such as museums, libraries, theatres, and the second to places for care, including hospitals, diagnostic and therapeutic centers. The names of the speakers for these last two events will be communicated in 2024.

While we can anticipate that in the first days of December INTERNI and RBM More will celebrate Christmas together, again at the headquarters in via Solferino 15.