Places of wellness can take on different forms, but the ideal location in which to rediscover our primordial balance is nature. Starting with this idea, Davide Vercelliproposes a special format for the hospitality sector, as a collateral event at the next edition of Cersaie. Aggregàti, as the name indicates, is not a monolithic space but a set of environments, sensations and proposals that recreate the emotion of a natural clearing, inside the Fair. The ‘reconstruction’ of nature starts with an overall setting, about 130 m2, where grass on the ground, vertical greenery and background images convey the impression of moving in a real forest, while the audio-visual-olfactory installation Opium, besides unexpected effects, reproduces the sound of a brook and of the wind in the trees. After this initial immersion in an ideal world, visitors can experience three bioclimate verandahs, for different wellness activities. The technologies, tools and furnishings also stand out, thanks to collaboration with many companies in the bath and decor sector: Antonio Frattini, Geberit, Glass Idromassaggio, La Castellamonte, Liberostile, Napkin, Novellini, Runtal, Selva Vetri, Scarabeo, Soapup Valli Arredobagno, Xilo 1934. Aggregàti will display not just an ideal spa for the care of the body, but also, in general, a space with a new conception for the psychophysical fitness of human beings.