December 3 is World Day of Persons with Disabilities. Girotondo by Alessi in a special edition to raise awareness and funds

A good question to ask yourself on December 3, World Disability Day, is which words are right to use to define it. And to define the concept of inclusion.

And that's exactly what Alessi did with a collaboration with Diwergo, a benefit company that promotes inclusion in all its forms by reasoning (and making people think) with aphorisms.

The concrete result of the operation is a capsule collection of three pieces from the Girotondo collection on which messages are laser engraved, created by Divergo, which recall the value of a broad and visionary thought on all the themes of diversity.

Amplify the power of words with design on World Disability Day

“For Alessi, inclusion is above all a characteristic of its cultural project which aims to explore the diversity of the creative potential to speak to a heterogeneous audience”, explains Alberto Alessi.

“In this sense, the collaboration with Diwergo occurred naturally, since even if we operate in different territories, the principles are ultimately the same. The result is a project dedicated to inclusion on multiple levels: starting from the design one, in which the use of words overlaps the design in order to amplify the communicative strength of the object, to arrive at the social one, since the economic purpose of this work is above all to support Diwergo's commitment to spreading an inclusive culture and thought".

Inclusivity as joy

The meeting between Antonio Malafarina, who founded Diwergo, and Alberto Alessi therefore seems like a spontaneous event, the choice to combine the narrative path of Girotondo collection and the pleasure of using the word in its most disruptive sense. The aphorism shuffles the cards, often has a surprising effect on thought, it shows what is neither obvious nor obvious.

Far from banality, good intentions and charitable gestures, it invites us to think and discover what it really means to accept the different, in all its forms.

Spreading words to promote facts”: these are the words of Antonio Malafarina who chooses products from the 'Girotondo' family designed by Stefano Giovannoni and Guido Venturini, to promote messages of inclusiveness and economic accessibility.

“When you think of inclusion you think of an act of sharing, of participation, of joy. How can we not mention the roundabout then, that ritual that we repeated many times, sang and danced as children, holding hands, then falling to the ground... all together, and then getting up again and, fortunately, laughing about it". Antonio Malafarina and the design director of Diwergo Giulio Ceppi are convinced that this is the right way to act on a thought, an impulse towards taking in charge of a responsibility: speaking to everyone, doing for everyone, thinking of everyone. “A certainly symbolic action,” comments Ceppi. “Perhaps light-hearted and apotropaic, just as the collection designed over 30 years ago is iconic... Then I thought of Alessi and his 'Girotondo', even just to add a spin, a twirl, a laugh... and a thought, about who sometimes he falls and doesn't necessarily get back up, unless he finds himself different, or rather, divergent, as we like to say. Sometimes words seek each other and chase each other, like objects, like people, like in aphorisms and like in nursery rhymes: a merry-go-round made by Alberto, Stefano, Guido, Antonio and Giulio holding hands... but also by all those who buy one of these talking and dancing objects”.

B Corp means thinking of everyone

The universality of the word, and of the design that often becomes its playful or very serious bearer, is the means with which Alessi deals with an important part of its identity as a benefit company. Attention to the community, to the community that Alessi has been able to gather around itself for decades. The use of a voice that has its own power and influence to gather the requests of those who never have enough of a voice because, simply, it doesn't make the numbers or represents something difficult and, often, painful even for those watching from distant.

Appointment from December 3, therefore. The products will be on sale on the official website with the possibility, through a small surcharge, you can obtain personalization of the engraving. The purchase of personalized products on the theme of inclusion will help spread the culture, i.e. the practice, allowing those who choose them to appear attentive to the topic and eager to share their commitment with others.