The Museum of the Future in Dubai offers multisensory experiences that allow you to explore the beauty and fragility of the Amazon rainforest, highlighting the complexity of restoring ecosystems

The new - futuristic - Museum of the Future in Dubai founded by the Dubai Future Fundation was created to propose permanent exhibitions that have the ambition to explain how technology will evolve in the next 20 years and to show what innovation and creativity to the challenges that society and the planet will have to face in the future.

Housed in a ' unpublished toroidal structure 77 meters high, designed by the studio d ' architecture Killa Design in stainless steel decorated with Arabic calligraphic inscriptions, the Museum of the Future, among the various initiatives, offers a series of engaging multisensory experiences conceived by the multidisciplinary collective Marshmallow Laser Feast dedicated to the beauty and fragility of tropical rainforests, climate emergency and the complexity of restoring ecosystems.

Explore connection and coexistence in nature

Using multisensory elements, scientific fiction and visuals with a strong scenic impact, Marshmallow Laser Feast has developed three distinct but interconnected works of art that invite visitors to unexpectedly navigate thanks to a sensory perception that goes beyond the body and the everyday experience, to explore human participation in the natural world, investigating the at the same time the methods of protection and regeneration of ecosystems in endangered.

The Forest

The first stop on the journey is The Forest , the digital recreation of a part of the Amazon rainforest in Leticia, in Colombia, which simulates the ecosystem with extreme realism thanks to a huge data collection process. Inside the interactive multisensory video installation visitors move into a cavernous space where a hidden network of intricate relationships becomes visible that helps to better understand the nature and responsibility of 'man with respect to environmental change.

The Living Wall

The second work of art, The Living Wall, is an audiovisual installation that creates a fascinating scenario dedicated to biodiversity: an ecosystem that breathes and transmits bio-information to visitors. Telling the complex beauty of plant species as they transform, communicate and survive climate change, The Living Wall is a layered collage of physical and digital elements that create an imaginary vision of characteristics of tropical plants.

The Lab

In the third work of art, The Lab, visitors are invited to enter a tropical ecosystem simulator multisensory and immersive in which flora can be introduced and tested. The Lab shows the life cycle and interdependence of the single species all of the larger systems of nature. The internal 'is showing how collaborative ecosystems work in harmony and understanding their complexities: small changes in an ecosystem can have consequences of a much greater extent.

The Library

Marshmallow Laser Feast also supported the Superflux studio and Atelier Brueckner in the creation of The Library, a dynamic space made up of hundreds of vials that represent a catalog of world biodiversity. The 48-channel audio installation was created from field recordings made in the Amazon rainforest.

The Library is a interactive playground of possibilities for visitors. What you live is a 'visceral experience: you perceive the threat of extinction that many species have to face, helping to imagine the role that humans could play in the evolution of Earth's ecosystems in the future.