In April, on Lexington Street, in the heart of Soho, Yoobihas opened as the first temakeria in the English capital. Conceived with the aim of re-creating the authentic spirit of Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo and London, the restaurant stands out for its brand strategy – created by Ico Design– based on four values inspired by the characteristics of the geographical areas of influence: the energy of South America, the artistic verve of London, the respect of Japanese culture, and the congenial spirit of all three. To convey the Yoobi brand approach in the interiors, Ico Design has worked with the London-based architecture studio Gundry & Duckerand with the co-founder of Yoobi, Carolina Rodrigues: the result is an environment with a contemporary look, featuring panels in American White Oak, enlivened by linear brass inlays along the profiles of the walls and furnishings.The wooden facing also includes veneer inserts, creating an effect similar to the shadows cast by the objects in the venue. Used for floors, finishes and panels, American White Oak brings a warm, luminous atmosphere to the restaurant, in a delicate balance with the white of the sushi bar and the colorful tables and chairs.