At the Galleria Valeria Bella in Milan, Mario Ermoli's solo show: from 25 February to 10 March 2022 in via Santa Cecilia 2, the surreal and fantastic photos created during the first lockdown

Do not mislead the title of the exhibition. Analog in this case does not mean that we are faced with photographs taken on film, quite the opposite. These photos were taken with all possible cameras, from the flat film optical bench to the most modern digital camera.

Analog refers to the concept that in the real world nothing can be the same as another thing. “Let's try to think”, Ermoli explains, “that everything we see in front of us is actually unique and unrepeatable, every single moment is different from the previous and the next. Basically, what photography freezes is actually a small, unique, unrepeatable wonder. I think of the water in a glass ", continues the artist" or of any fruit, is there another like it? Could there ever have been two truly identical eggs? "

The difference is the quality or condition by which one or more things, objects, people are in a relationship of total or partial diversity. Attention, it is not the simple lack of identity, similarity or correspondence between people, objects, things that are different from each other in nature or in quality and characters. It is something more subtle, profound, philosophical, poetic.

At the Galleria Valeria Bella in Milan, Analog Nature is an exhibition of photographs by Mario Ermoli with a surreal and at times fantastic flavor, from an idea that was born in the long, lonely days of the first lockdown. And the value of his photographs is that, however much he may have planned or imagined the situations (glasses, clouds, eggs), reality has found the way to give the unpredictable. Known things, everyday things, where distances are small and fixed and everything is intensified. A question of scale, connections and images that reflect noises and thoughts.

As for aesthetics, Ermoli clearly feels the influence of his points of reference (Man Ray, Andre Kertesz, Irving Penn), but also of artists such as Gino De Dominicis and Giorgio Morandi who freely inspired him.

Set sparse and devoid of references, poised between the real and the conceptual: ideal background for the mise en scène of this idea that is basically simple and complex at the same time, where Ermoli enjoys creating surreal situations using clouds, planets, snakes, fish, broken plates, giving life to his original analog world.