In four public spaces in Bolzano, four installations by four South Tyrolean artists - like angels - are bearers of messages of light and energy

A symbolic figure present in every culture and religion, the angel is above all a messenger. To transmit positive values ​​ - in a multilingual and multicultural land like Alto Adige in the moment of collective sharing of Christmas - is the starting point of the contemporary art project Angelus Loci, conceived by the communication studio franzLAB.

If the Latin expression genius loci means spirit of the place, Bolzano - City of Angels, during the Christmas period, has its protective spirit: Angelus Loci, or the angel of the territory.

Until 6 January 2022 , in fact, four site specific installations, created by South Tyrolean artists Carla Cardinaletti, Michael Fliri, Elisa Grezzani and Hubert Kostner for as many public spaces in the city, become messengers of light and energy, movements, sounds and words: material yet impalpable, evocative in their simplicity, spiritual but outside a purely religious connotation.

Still with earthly desires + Aspirant by Michael Fliri

Spiritual and technological, the complex installation that intertwines music, video and large format photographs conceived by Michael Fliri transports you to a dream dimension. Wings and bodies of seraphim present in various sacred frescoes throughout the Alto Adige, fluctuate between light and shadow, transparency and materiality.

Vehuiah by Elisa Grezzani

According to Kabbalah, Seraph Vehuiah brings with him new light energy and dispels chaos. This incorporeal creature is at the center of the installation of Elisa Grezzani: a large decorated and colorful tapestry , made inspired by Kilim rugs, which wants to be a sort of talisman, the bearer of new light, peace and hope.

Angelo Rosa by Carla Cardinaletti

Observed from the city, the silhouette of the Catinaccio appears like the profile of an angel with folded hands: The Angel of Bolzano. The lightness drawn by the italics Angel of the ' work of Carla Cardinaletti that at dusk lights up pink evokes the ' immateriality of angels, in dialogue with the profile of the Dolomites that stands out in the sky.

Luci  by Hubert Kostner

Each letter of the word L U C I, which in its brevity has always contained a myriad of messages, both religious and pagan, from the length of the day to the consequent symbol of rebirth, stands out in a geometric simplicity to illuminate one industrial space. L ' artistic intervention by Hubert Kostner shines - like an angel - in the sign of a ' humanity enlightened, indeed.