Antolini promotes the debut of Duskmann at Galleria d’arte Giacomo Guidi in Rome, with the presentation of Prelude, a series of works that get their inspiration from the world of natural stone.

There is an alchemy between Antolini and the material in its most ancestral essence, leading to unique creations for over 50 years. The company began and has evolved with natural stone, constructing its own particular philosophy.

Supporting culture and the various expressions connected with design, art and creative experimentation, Antolini backs the eclectic artistic project of Duskmann, contributing to enhance the exhibition area in which the pieces are assembled to form interlocks with the wall for virtual disassembly. The magic of the union of different elements is underlined, along with that of their possible fragmentation.

Duskmann comes from a group of people driven by the desire to create a transverse world between art and design, experimenting with techniques and processes inspired by the world of nature, in contant pursuit of the symbolic dimension of material.

The exhibition will be presented during Antolini Stone Week, 21-26 September 2015.