FoscaMilano is not a brand, nor can it be called a line of products.

FoscaMilano is an aesthetic and sensory experience. It is a multifaceted world created by Fosca Campagnoli to give form to her very personal way of understanding and interpreting fabrics.

The displays and the collection now on view at the atelier on Via Privata Bastia are called Appunti (Notes) precisely to symbolize the starting and arrival points of every FoscaMilano creation.

Because the practice of research and collecting, of putting notes, reflections, emotions and stories together, is the way every collection by Fosca Campagnoli takes form.

In the atelier excerpts from texts and fabric or paper samples are used to present the collections for the home (chairs, ottomans, benches, cushions, bedspreads, drapes and tapestries) and for personal use (dresses, jackets, vests, scarves) that speak the same language, or interpret the same materic, narrative and visionary approach.