The exhibition Architecture of Made in Italy, curated by Luca Zevi, organized for the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale, has moved to Abu Dhabi for the Entrepreneurial Mission in the UAE. The show, organized by IN/ARCH with the support of ICE, documents the activity of many companies of Made in Italy marked by an ‘Olivettian type’ in terms of size and specialized production, which over the last 15 years have chosen to build their own factories and management centers to achieve excellent architectural results. The works are structures that pay attention to the poetics of places and objects, the life of people and the environment, with a growing commitment on the part of businessmen to convey the values and image of companies through architecture. The buildings of iGuzzini are good examples: the headquarters in Recanati, by Mario Cucinella, and the latest commission, the Lighting Laboratory by Maurizio Varratta.