Art Aquarium, on view for the first time outside Japan – an international first in Milan, for Expo Milano 2015 – displays the living art of goldfish: the Kingyo, symbol of prosperity and good fortune, becomes the protagonist of the aquarium, evoking the culture of Japan.

The exhibition is by the Japanese artist Hidetomo Kimura.

The pools of water, monumental installations, are true works of art: with music, lights, images, aromas. They come alive thanks to the sinuous aquatic dance of the goldfish.

Venini, the company that has worked with Hidetomo Kimura since 2012, has produced the Kingyo bowl, whose form and coloring are based on the supple form of the goldfish and the sinuous movement of its fins.

The references to Japanese culture are many: from the reproduction of traditional gardens to the light of the lanterns and the cherry blossoms.

The exhibition is a true voyage to discover Japanese culture, a fusion of design, technology and tradition that amazes visitors, engaging them in a convivial sensory experience.

The show is accompanied by a program of events: tastings, screenings, art workshops for children and much more, in a tribute to the culture of Japan and of Kyoto in particular.