Superlab opens in Milan, a smart and green ‘horizontal skyscraper’ designed by Balance Architettura in Bicocca. It was inaugurated by a series of environmental installations dedicated to regeneration

It inaugurates in Milan a 'horizontal skyscraper', and it does so in a - really - inclusive and participatory. Superlab is an innovative and sustainable building three floors high and 100 meters long which recovers the more than 6,500 square meters of the former Breda offices in Viale Sarca.

A contemporary revaluation that celebrates the transformative spirit of the Bicocca district and welcomes the public for the first time on the occasion of the Milan Green Week (30 September - 2 October 2022) proposing a route of environmental art installations from the ' green soul, which can be visited until October 16, 2022.

The project, curated by the Balance Architettura studio, combines original elements and creative technological solutions: the iron armor now exposed, the windows of the large open spaces and the innovative patented rubber finishes are a tribute to local industries.

It is precisely drawing on the legacy of nearby companies such as Breda (iron), Pirelli (rubber) and VetroBalsamo (glass), in fact, that the architects have chosen to use these three materials to construct a building with continuous shiny surfaces, to create a sort of iridescent skin.

A ‘horizontal skyscraper that will become a hub

Located at the center of the transformations aimed at the economic and cultural revival of the Bicocca district, Superlab, thanks to a total investment of 15 million euros, supported by the Turin real estate advisors Giorgio Fischer and Marco Chiono, will act as a hub for innovative companies and startups, with a public hall open to all. The office will be operational from January 2023.

A dynamic and green project

The whole intervention is based on the relationship with the environment and sustainability. 100% carbon free, Superlab is equipped with solar panels and a rainwater recovery system and uses materials that have an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration). The building, powered only by renewable sources, is LEED Gold certified for its energy performance, the ecological quality of the interiors and the resources used.

The airy rooms and the luxuriant green

With a industrial aesthetic, the interior spaces are flexible and reconfigurable, designed to facilitate collaboration and sharing. Large, transparent and airy, the open spaces are characterized by original concrete alternating with light birch cladding. The presence of nature distinguishes the whole project, with plants and trees that cross the rooms in height and continue in the green rooftop.

Superlab inaugura con un percorso di arte contemporanea

Per celebrare l’apertura, Superlab si scopre spazio espositivo per regalare un’esperienza speciale. Dall’opening e per tre settimane, i piani superiori ospitano un progetto espositivo di arte contemporanea curato da Francesca Canfora, con installazioni ambientali pensate per interagire con il contesto e coinvolgere i visitatori.

A living and evolving workplace

At the center of the work of the 13 selected Italian and international artists, the concepts of sustainability, recovery, regeneration and innovation, to create a living and evolving workplace.

The 13 artists involved

The various floors of the building, the upper floors and the rooftop host installations of environmental dimensions created by: Arthur Duff, ConiglioViola, Daniel González, Daniele D'Acquisto, Davide Maria Coltro, Domenico Borrelli, Elizabeth Aro, Enrico Iuliano, Marzio Zorio, Paola Risoli, Roberto Caccamo, Stefano Caimi, Studio Nucleo.

A multifunctional place for experimentation and research

Defined by the curator as "work between works", the exhibition space functions as a sounding board that amplifies the intensity of the individual contents, overcoming the concept of architecture-container and the fleeting barriers between the different arts. In this way, the identity of the building is also reinforced as a multifunctional place for experimentation and research, characterized by an intrinsic vocation to host artistic interventions.

Engaging and interactive installations

In addition to installations with a green soul, various works interact and play with the context, developing structures and paths that recall, in terms of shapes or materials, the architectural or industrial environment. In other cases, dynamic or synthetic devices are staged in which the experiential component that involves space and user in unison is predominant.

Practical information

The exhibition project will remain à open, until Sunday 16 October, all </ span> weekends, from 11.30 to 20.30 (last entry at 2o). It is possible book with one day's notice weekly visits in the afternoon 15/19 to the mail