Waiting for Arte Fiera, from 13 to 15 May, and the Art City initiatives scattered around the city, Sacri Indici, a site specific project by Sissi, is staged in Bologna

Waiting for Arte Fiera to reopen its doors from 13 to 15 May 2022, dotted with events scattered throughout the city, Bologna is (already) animated by a spirit of recovery and by the desire to be able to meet the operators of the sector, the art public but also the simple curious. Because creativity has no limits and is presented in more or less usual ways. As demonstrated Sissi with a installation - carnal and mythical - which investigates the body and the sacred.

Arte Fiera, from 13 to 15 May 2022 (preview 12)

After the postponement of January finally in Bologna is about to start Arte Fiera. This year 142 selected galleries will participate, on the program there are: an important artist commission a Liliana Moro, the performative interventions of Jacopo Benassi, Invernomuto, Luca Trevisani, Muna Moussie, the daily calendar of Book Talk on recent publications, many awards and a trust for contemporary art.

Three consolidated sections

Under the artistic direction of Simone Menegoi, the backbone of Arte Fiera is consolidated with three sections by invitation alongside the Main Section, to deepen as many significant areas for the identity of the fair: modern and historicized post-war art (Focus), painting of the new millennium (XXI painting), photography and video (Photography and moving images).

Interdisciplinary initiatives

Arte Fiera proposes for 2022 a rich schedule of transversal contents, with some of the most interesting names of the contemporary Italian artistic scenario. Like Oplà. Performing Activities, curated by Silvia Fanti (Xing) who stands out for her interdisciplinary gaze on contemporary cultures, with particular attention to live arts , and Note di Sguardi, a photography project that involves three districts of as many European cities: the Central District of Cervia, Santo Stefano in Bologna, Pankow in Berlin.

Art City Bologna, from 7 to 15 May 2022

Art City Bologna is the project of cultural alliance born from the collaboration between the Municipality of Bologna and BolognaFiere to support Arte Fiera with exhibitions, events and special initiatives and propose an original exploration of museums and places of art in the city.

Installations that inhabit (also) unusual places

The core is made up of a Main Program divided into a Special Project and a series of curatorial projects ranging from the most diverse artistic practices contemporary. The works extend into actions, exhibitions and site specific installations that inhabit usual and unusual places, generating narratives and new interactions.

Rediscovering less accessible places

Among the most distinctive figures of Art City Bologna there has always been the intent on bringing back the attention of a large audience places often not dedicated to art - among the most interesting, rarely accessible or unknown in the city - rediscovered by the interventions of the artists invited to relate to their specific identities.

The ruins of Andreas Angelidaki, from 29 April to 12 June 2022

Post-Ruin Bentivoglio , for example, is a project by the artist Andreas Angelidaki that crosses the three rooms of the sixteenth-century underground of Palazzo Bentivoglio. The installation consists of modular elements through which it is possible to modify the spaces, assembling them to recreate a hypothetical ancient ruin or dividing and scattering them so as to obtain seats or points of support. The blocks, arches and architectural fragments, made with soft and light materials, have the surface decorated with the print of a marble pattern. The art work questions the monumentality and distance of respect that we usually recognize for antiquities.

The Sacred Indexes of Sissi, from April 30th to May 15th

Already from the end of April and until the conclusion of Art City Bologna, LabOratorio degli Angeli hosts Sacri Indici, site specific project of the artist Sissi, curated by Leonardo Regano and created in collaboration with the Galleria d'Arte Maggiore g.a.m. A monumental map, a 'sacred' anatomy that the artist produced ad hoc, enters into an intimate connection with the peculiarity of the exhibition space, the former Oratory of Santa Maria degli Angeli.

Eight monumental works reinterpret a former place of worship

A selection of eight great works on paper belonging to the Index cycle scan the space of the historic restoration laboratory and transform it into a path that updates its original nature as a place used for worship.

Carnal and mystical duality

The eight works, in their visionary and emotional peculiarities, reveal the duality of their nature, carnal and mystical. Among them, the visitor is guided and forced into a passage towards the center of the room where the artist presents the new - large - Index produced for the occasion. Similar works are exhibited on the walls of the former Oratory, but of a more contained format.

Attention to the body and research on human anatomy

Sacred Indices also exhibits Parallel Anatomy, the book-work that collects Sissi's studies on the body, in which the artist investigates methodically scientific the human figure and its internal organs, in a correspondence between interiority and emotionality.