Art, photography and reportage chase each other in an exhibition that tells the story of Riccardo and Rita Marone's collection and addresses the theme of the sea. From 29 June to 13 October 2024 at Palazzo del Duca in Senigallia

"When I was asked to do this exhibition, I found it a wonderful initiative, because the sea has been at the centre of many photographs in my collection and we have selected a good number of them, which I believe are very representative of my collection," says Riccardo Marone, author, together with his wife Rita, of one of the most important private collections of photographs in Italy. A Neapolitan, a lawyer, over the years he has been councillor, deputy mayor and mayor of the city, creator, among other things, of the Stations of Art of the Naples metro

Senigallia City of Photography

Until 13 October, at Palazzo del Duca (piazza del Duca 1), 'Senigallia City of Phography' continues its commitment to the promotion of national and international photography, dedicating an exhibition not to a single artist, but to a collection, that of Rita and Riccardo Marone focused on the theme of the sea in its various facets.

An exhibition with a double meaning

The project is the result of a collaboration between curator Angela Madesani and Riccardo Marone: a long-standing contemporary art enthusiast and collector, over the last fifteen years Marone has decided to shift his interests more and more towards the world of photography, travelling and documenting himself among exhibitions and fairs not only in Italy. "This is an exhibition with a double significance. The first is linked to the historical-collectionist sphere, the second, of iconographic matrix, is linked to the history of photography," explains the curator.

A collection dedicated to the "minors"

The collection does not follow the trend of the time or the laws of the market, but the tastes of its creator who chooses only works that have attracted his interest, favouring post-war photography with a special focus on 'minor' photographers who for the most diverse reasons did not achieve the success they deserved in life, often considered amateurs but who created historically important photographic circles.

The Sea at the Centre

The exhibition brings together around 80 works, almost all of them created in analogue, dating back to the last hundred years, in black and white and in colour, in both small and large formats. The chosen theme is the sea, analysed in its iconographic nuances, a transversal theme that manages to unite the city in the Marche region famous for its beach with the origins of Riccardo Marone, who was born and raised in a house overlooking the Gulf of Naples.

Photographing beauty

"The sea can only be a moment of great inspiration; the sea is travel, it is tranquillity, it is dream. But photographing the sea is also very complex and difficult, because photographing beauty is always difficult; the postcard effect is always lurking, so only great artists manage to achieve its essence,' Marone emphasises. The sea is sometimes the background and sometimes the protagonist, in an exhibition that is not divided into sections but where images dialogue according to aesthetic and conceptual criteria within macro-areas that address the themes of artistic photography, authorial photography, social reportage, documentaries, nudes and current affairs.

The authors in the exhibition

The exhibition opens with a large diptych by Angelo Antolino immortalising the containers in the port of Naples. The sea as a workplace is also in the photographs of Carlo Bevilacqua, Renzo Tortelli and Luciano D’Alessandro with their reportages of social denunciation. There are also shots by great masters such as Gianni Berengo Gardin, Nino Migliori, Mimmo Jodice, Franco Fontana and Luigi Ghirri . And again, Helmut Newton, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Lehnert&Landrock, Martin Parr. One section features images of female nudes on the seashore with works by, among others, Lucien Clergue, Edwin Bower Hesser and Ettore Sottsass jr, as well as two shots dedicated to Marilyn Monroe.

Info and reservations

Comune di Senigallia and Feel Senigallia - Tel. 3666797942 - electronic ticket office - Hours: Thursday to Sunday from 5.30 pm to 11.30 pm.