The exhibition “Auguste Perret, Huit Chefs d’oeuvre !/? – Architectures du béton armé”  (Auguste Perret, eight masterpieces!/? – Architecture in reinforced concrete) is organized by the Conseil économique, social et environnemental (CESE – Economic, Social and Environmental Council) in collaboration with Fondazione Prada. It is held at Palais d’Iéna and examines one of the most fascinating careers in 20th-century architecture. Joseph Abramis the scientific curator, together with his team from École d’Architecture of Nancy. The architecture studio Oma Amo, headed by Rem Koolhaas, artistic curator, has done the exhibit design, along with artistic contributions and the creation of the cultural program. Thanks to in-depth research and modern exhibit techniques, the show radically alters the perspective on the work of Auguste Perret, focusing on eight important buildings by this intellectual and builder. Over 400 original documents have been gathered, some never before shown in public, from important collections and institutions.