Secondome (via degli Orsini, 26-27) presents a double-face exhibition: on the one hand, Sam Baron presents his new limited-edition collection Habitudes, while on the other Fabrica, the experimental research center of the Benetton group, presents Here & [T]here. Habitudes is a collection of 4 sculptural furnishing complements designed by Sam Baron exclusively for Secondome, focusing on the gestures and habits of everyday life. The pieces Portemanteau, Vide Poche, Etagère and Console come in limited numbered editions of 8 pieces each. Here & (T)here is a collection of 8 object-sculptures designed by Fabrica for Secondome, in limited editions of 30 signed and numbered pieces. Based on the unusual combination of two noble materials of great aesthetic value, blown glass and oak, worked by hand, the collection is composed of 8 daring hybrid sculptures that favor form over function and contain a little fantasy world. With Here&(T)here the artistic collaboration between Secondome and Fabrica continues, under the artistic direction of Sam Baron, which has led to a collection of 70 objects in blown glass and ceramics over the last three years.