The book that celebrates 250 years of history of the French maison shows over 300 pieces, in period photos, drawings and never before published documents from the Baccarat archives, thanks to an immense recent project of reorganization and cataloguing. Objects made for kings and presidents, but also tributes to the celebrities of the golden age. The link between Baccarat and fashion is also found in the jewelry and the flaconnage, with pieces that are cult items for collectors, bottles for Guerlainand Diorfragrances, or the very precious decanter that from 1936 to the present has been the choice of Remy Martinfor its Louis XIII brandy. Baccarat’s past is extremely important as the prelude to a great future, as is borne out by the evocative images of the Universal Expositions, where Baccarat won the most prestigious prizes, thanks to innovations seen in spectacular installations. There are also pages on more recent history, where the creations of the maison today – lighting, art de la table, jewelry, design and décor – are shown, with particular focus on collaborations with world famous designer, starting with Georges Chevalierall the way to Ettore Sottsass and Philippe Starck.