In Ragusa Ibla from May 31 to June 2, the fourth edition of the festival, curated by Roberto Semprini and Cristina Morozzi with support from Gianni Leggio, which reinterprets design, art, photography, fashion and food

Pathos and illusion, movement and wonder, awe and theatricality. And again, grandeur, drama, emotional intensity, rhythm, complexity, imprecision and indefiniteness. All this will be on stage in Ragusa Ibla during the Neobarocco Baroque Festival, the fourth edition of a kermesse that reinterprets design, art, photography, fashion and food according to neo-Baroque aesthetic stylistic features.

One Festival, many locations

This year's Neobarocco Baroque Festival, conceived and curated by Roberto Semprini, plays in advance and will be staged from May 31 to June 2 (installations in palaces and courtyards will be open until June 28) among the narrow alleys and steep stairways of the Sicilian town that open onto scenic squares, among Baroque churches, convents and noble residences: Nicastro Palace, Cosentini Palace, La Rocca Palace, the Theater (the smallest in Italy) and Donnafugata Castle, the former San Vincenzo Ferreri Church, the Old Capuchin Convent, and the Hyblaean Garden.

Experimenting with new languages and materials

But what is Neo-Baroque? "It is absolutely not the formal reinterpretation of a style from the past, but an aesthetic movement that looks to the future anchored in the present," Semprini explains. "It is the continuous desire for originality, surprise, theatricality, playfulness, experimentation with new languages and materials thanks to new technologies."

Discussions and projects

Architect, designer, university professor and artist, Roberto Semprini, with the support of Cristina Morozzi, experiments and plays with historical eras every year, gathering opinions and discussions on such an engaging theme as Neo-Baroque. Students from the Brera and Catania Academies of Fine Arts and the University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli, along with emerging artists from the Ragusa High School of Art, will exhibit their innovative projects. Design companies will collaborate with Sicilian and international designers to create new objects with a neo-Baroque theme.

Installations and lectures

For the first time on the Sicilian scene, Nigel Coates will debut with Baroccabilly unique series of a few pieces, including furniture and lamps, that mix the baroque air with the rebellious soul of rockabilly. Plus, artists Dario Ghibaudo and Barbara Vicari, young designer Alessandro Enriquez, architects Angelo Sanzone, Giuseppe Campailla, Maurizio Favetta and Roberto Semprini, designer Sara Ricciardi, performer Valeria Bonalume, Edward Shin designer and founder of Via Tov.

A rich celendar of lectures

The calendar of lectures, which will be held in Piazza Pola, is packed with important names, among them: Gilda Bojardi director of Interni, Cristina Morozzi, journalist and design critic, Patrizia Piccinini, author and contributor to trade magazines, Gianni Canova, film critic, television author, rector IULM of Milan, Mauro Ferraresi, professor IULM of Milan.

Curiosity, awe, extraordinariness

Neo-Baroque then as experimentation, curiosity, wonder, enrichment, extraordinariness, craftsmanship to be rediscovered. After all, who ever said that design has to be only rigorous and minimal?

Top photo: Maurizio Favetta, Beauty Barock