At the end of September, in the wonderful Baroque city of Ragusa, the first edition of a design festival conceived by Roberto Semprini is staged, involving artists, designers and companies, both local and not. Three days of installations, events and – creative – confrontation between the different expressions of the ‘Neo-Baroque’

In Ragusa, on 24, 25, 26 September 2021, several historic buildings of the Sicilian city, the fulcrum of the eighteenth-century rebirth of the Val di Noto, will host the zero edition of Barocco & Neobarocco, a festival – conceived by Roberto Semprini who also takes care of the art direction and curated by Valentina Fisichella – that was born with the aim to make the culture of the project and the business one dialogue on the expressions of ‘Neo-Baroque’ design. A three-day discussion, full of meetings and events, with artistic installations distributed among prestigious locations. Of baroque sumptuousness, of course.

The festival offers the opportunity for a dialogue and exchange on the different expressions of ‘Neo-Baroque’ design, intended as a contemporary interpretation of that baroque aesthetic that has happily marked the history of the Hyblaean territory, and which is still a formal constant common to some trends. cultural events of our time.

Local knowledge and entrepreneurship are involved in a creative dialectic, together with designers, artists and fashion stylists, with the active participation of protagonists from the world of design and with the contribution of internationally established companies.

In addition to a rich program of meetings and specialist insights for professionals, the festival stages site-specific art installations. And it exhibits the results of the research work of academies and universities, unfolding in various prestigious locations, in a surprising path that crosses the wonders of the city of Ragusa.

One of the main artistic sites that will host the installations will be Palazzo Cosentini, a typical example of Sicilian Baroque of the 1700s. Here the creations of the designers will be exhibited, including Roberto Semprini, Elena Salmistraro and Stella Orlandino.

Roberto Semprini, creator and artistic director of the festival, will propose the new collection of Neo-Baroque wallpapers designed for Zambaiti Parati, together with the Aragona and Macramè marble tables, made for Kimano, a stat-up that comes from Ducale Marmi' ten-year experience. From this know-hown also Oru is born, a highly evocative marble wall lamp designed by Stella Orlandino. Elena Salmistraro will instead exhibit the Maniace and Calafato coffee tables designed for the historic Sicilian company Lithea.

In the evocative location of Palazzo della Cancelleria, a UNESCO site in Ragusa, the Moon suspension lamps by Davide Groppi will be exhibited. To dominate the famous and scenographic Giraffe in love floor lamp, designed by Marcantonio for Qeeboo.

Many artists, creatives and companies involved, many local such as Nerosicilia and Marie Maison, others of international standing, such as Edra.

The design festival has the patronage of local authorities and authoritative institutions such as ADI - Association for Industrial Design, Academy of Brera, Academy of Carrara, University of Naples Luigi Vanvitelli, IULM, Order of Architects, as well as the support of entrepreneurial realities spread in throughout the national territory.