Renewed and updated, available in Italian, English, Chinese and Russian, it makes the user experience its strong point

The Murano company has developed the new digital platform by combining communication, marketing and operations, addressing architects and designers. Great importance was given to the user experience, favoring clarity, accessibility and usability. Working in this direction, the new site has been conceived as a real work tool, complete and practical, which does not renounce the immersive power of photography. The Barovier&Toso world is told through a multifaceted language, at times emotional and engaging, at times technical and detailed.

Texts, images and videos on page 1295 allow you to virtually set foot in Murano and observe gestures, phases, tools that recur daily in the creation of Barovier & Toso works. Seven centuries of history in the art of glass echo in the approximately one hundred collections in the catalog, enriched every year with new models and new collaborations with designers on the international scene. To these are added the Special Editions, exceptional works of art, available in limited numbers.

The alternation between horizontal and vertical scrolls ensures agility and clarity to the product pages, making navigation through the gallery, colors, finishes and technical data pleasant and dynamic. Now more than ever it is simple and intuitive to access and consult the assembly instructions and the individual product sheets, downloadable in pdf, in four different languages. The catalogs, available for viewing and saving on the Download page, are also just a click away.

Extensive and articulated, the Projects page collects a selection of interior projects with Barovier & Toso creations as protagonists: different stories, which suggest ways of reading and interpreting spaces and design, in the name of beauty and elegance.

Finally, Bespoke is the section dedicated to completely customized projects, created for special customers, looking for something more exclusive. Soon online also Journal, a preview window on initiatives and innovations presented from a privileged and meticulously cared for point of view. The focus of the magazine will be high-quality editorial content, developed to combine inspiration, culture and storytelling, drawing transversally from history, art, the contemporary world, to discover connections, parallels and contrasts.