B&B Italia comes to the conclusion of its 50th anniversary celebrations, a year of initiatives that have spread the history and values of the company in the world thanks to a road show of events focusing on three important, complementary projects of great narrative impact.

The presentation of the book The Long Life of Design in Italy. B&B Italia 50 Years and Beyond, now on sale in bookstores around the world, the screening of the documentary film B&B Italia. Poetry in Form. When Design Meets Industry and the exhibition B&B Italia/The Perfect Density have contributed to tell the story of the extraordinary career of the company, involving creativity, technology and innovation, as well as a commitment to spread the culture of design and living in the world.


A short excerpt from the documentary film B&B Italia. Poetry in Form. When Design Meets Industry, previously seen only at private screenings.




The complete film is at the new website www.bebitalia.com at the link http://www.bebitalia.com/en/bb-italia-movie



The film


Thanks to the encounter and work with 3D Produzioni/Sky Arte HD, coordinated by Didi Gnocchi, the documentary film B&B Italia. Poetry in Form. When Design Meets Industry is aimed at a wide audience and approaches design lovers and sector professionals with an intriguing narrative language in which the story of human beings always emerges from that of the history of the company.

The documentary retraces the human and entrepreneurial adventure of the founder Piero Ambrogio Busnelli, the reality of B&B Italia today and its particular way of looking to the future. Innovation, technology and avant-garde industrial processes become the focal points of 50 years of history narrated in 50 intense minutes full of interviews, images and impressions. Projects and products form an engaging rhythmical sequence, embracing design philosophies based on different cultural and geographical identities. The story has a single thread of continuity: the passion and determination to get beyond the sterile concentration on form, in pursuit of concrete aesthetic solutions that are forcefully evocative and authentic, based on a solid industrial culture, constantly evolving know-how and an international vision, because “when design meets industry” the results are always, indubitably surprising.

A thrilling entrepreneurial history narrated firsthand by Giorgio Busnelli, the son of the founder, with contributions from internationally acclaimed designers and architects like Antonio Citterio, Renzo Piano, Mario Bellini, Gaetano Pesce, Patricia Urquiola, Pierluigi Cerri, Vincent Van Duysen, Jay Osgerby, Doshi Levien, Jeffrey Bernett, as well as Deyan Sudjic, Director of the Design Museum of London.