In the building designed by Frank GehryFondation Louis Vuitton presents an extraordinary exhibition on the peerless collection of MoMA New York.

With over 200 masterpieces, including very famous and less well-known works, the show illustrates the fundamental role of MoMA, its curators and programming for modern and contemporary art history.

Now in a phase of reorganization of its building, MoMA has chosen Fondation Louis Vuitton to show some of its legendary holdings in Paris.


Being Modern: MoMA in Paris offers an extraordinary overview of MoMA’s acquisitions since its founding in 1929.

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Untitled, 5/10/04, 12:52 PM, 8C, 5674x7210 (324+419), 100%, bent 6 stops, 1/10 s, R54.9, G30.0, B36.9, betterlight viewfinder 3.5.2, HMI, ISO 200, 210mm lens, photo Paige Knight
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Warhol, Andy
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Untitled, 12/4/02, 10:09 AM, 8C, 5146x6920 (336+622), 100%, straight 6 sto, 1/8 s, R40.0, G18.9, B27.8, Betterlight Super 6K-2, HMI, ISO 155, Photo Paige Knight